Ultimate dependency cure: Addiction Killer

Ultimate dependency cure: Addiction Killer

Addiction is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die. Smoking is really addictive. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is very addictive and causes very fast addiction. Here are some tips to quit smoking and the results of quitting smoking and how it's gonna help you!

Addiction Killer is an ultimate and one-stop solution to cure substance dependency. It is a reputed ayurvedic medicine to quit alcohol as well as an ayurvedic medicine to stop smoking. By its proper and regular doses, the person is detoxified and regains the ability to think clearly hence gets vulnerable to cure.

First, let's discuss how smoking harms your body. 

How smoking harms your body:

  • Nicotine really changes the brain or mindset and makes you super addicted.

  • Your eyes are at an increased risk of weak eyesight or even blindness.

  • Smoking is also not good for your dental health. It can cause cavities, bad breath, mouth sores, ulcers or oral cancer. 

  • Smoking is also responsible for low hearing capability or hearing loss.

  • It also leads to muscle degeneration and increases your belly shape leading to a bigger belly. 

  • Smoking is really bad for the health of the heart. It increases the risk of heart diseases or heart attacks and strokes.

  • Smoking can lead to lung scarring which can further lead to shortness of breath and a chronic cough. 

  • Your bones become weak and are a risk of easy breakage and longer time to heal. 

Remember, smoking harms nearly every single body organ which proves that smoking is really very harmful and should be quit as early as possible.

Now let's discuss the results of quitting smoking or how it will help you after some time. 

Quit Smoking & Start Repairing : 

  • After quitting smoking, in 8 hours the excess amount of carbon monoxide ( CO) in your blood will be out and your blood will be purified. Due to this, you will get fewer cravings and relapses. The blood that now will reach your brain will be purified blood and non-toxic. 

  • After 5 days, your blood will be purified. Most of the nicotine will be eliminated from the body due to which you will experience fewer cravings and feel more healthy. 

  •  After 1 week, your sense of taste will improve due to the change in taste buds and the smelling ability will also improve. 

  • After 1 month, your appearance of the skin will improve and your skin will get better and more healthy. Smoking makes the skin look tired and makes the skin look older and saggy as compared to age.

  • After 3 months, your body organs like lungs will get better and the functioning will improve. Smoking damages the airways and air sacs called alveoli found in the lungs. Quitting smoking will clean the airways and you will be able to breathe properly. 

  • After 12 months, your heart health will improve and the risk of heart disease is halved. And you have saved a lot of money by not buying the packs of cigarettes!

Tips To Quit Smoking 

  • Instead of quitting slowly, quit all at once. This is the most effective, fast, and simple way to quit smoking

  • Never carry cigarettes with you. 

  • Quit smoking one day at a time. Do not leave it for another day, week, month, or year. Focus on not smoking from the starting of the day until the end of the day.

  • Encourage yourself by developing the attitude that you are doing a big favor on yourself by not smoking. You are quitting smoking because you care about yourself, your family, your career, and your future. 

  • Be proud of yourself that you are not smoking anymore. 

  • Always remember that many routine situations can trigger the cravings for smoking like: 

  • Drinking coffee 

  • Alcohol consumption 

  • Social gatherings with smoking friends 

  • Playing cards

  • Or the end of a meal 

  • Make a list of all the reasons why you should stop smoking. And just look at that list just once whenever you think of smoking again. 

  • Drink plenty of water. It will eliminate all the toxic chemicals from your body and will purify your blood. 

  • If you are going through a tough phase of life remember smoking is no option. Smoking will only make things worse.

  • No matter how long you have stayed away from smoking, you cannot take another puff.

  • Do not think about how much you want to smoke. Distract yourself with other activities.

If you follow these steps properly then your journey of quitting and recovery will become very easy. You can take Addiction Killer with them to ensure fast and more efficient recovery.

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