The Most Important Qualities Of Home Health Care Providers

Being old is no longer associated with being alone, sad, anxious or depressed. Seniors are now active, social, curious and open to new hobbies. They are constantly looking for new opportunities. Modern retirement communities are designed for these seniors – active seniors. Home care assistance is slowly changing, in order to accommodate these new trends.

Aging is also a natural part of life. It should be accepted how it is, it has to be understood and integrated with other elements of our lives. Seniors have to be understood, helped and included in our daily lives. They should be active, take part in group activities and redefine themselves. This can only be done if they are helped by professionals. Home health care providers know how to deal with seniors, understand their needs, their passions and make them enjoy their lives. But what are the qualities of home care assistance providers? What makes them special and how are they able to do their job so well?

Let's try to understand why home care is now better than ever:

Lots of Experience

You can't provide good home care assistance if you don't have the relevant experience. This is not a job that can be taught in classrooms. Sure, there are certain procedures that need to be taught in rigid environments, but these are only the basic things a good home health caregiver does. Excellent home health care providers will be able to provide high-quality services because their staff is experienced. They have the necessary education, the right experience and know the procedures by heart. They are professionals.

Every task, no matter how simple or complex it is, from bathing, cooking or grooming and to financial or medical management, must be done by a professional who is experienced in their job. The caregiver also has to be effective, kind, and empathetic to patients, no matter what service they provide. Experience is always patient-centered, and it is always visible; it is the main sign and predicator of quality in this sector.

TIP: Always try to select an agency that has experienced, licensed staff for every service they provide. Ask for references, credentials and other documents that may be relevant. Come prepared with questions during the interview phase and make sure you get the answers you need. If possible, bring a close family member to the interview, to have a fresh perspective and better assess the quality provided by the agency.


Empathy is an important quality for virtually any caregiver – this is no surprise. Respect, together with compassion and empathy are the cornerstones of assistive healthcare, both in-home and in a hospital or nursing home. People who work in this sector have to be understanding, kind-hearted and must truly desire to help seniors and people who are in need. This is important because you will be close to patients every day and these people are usually highly dependent on your help. They need your help and can't take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, some home care assistance providers are drawn into this sector by the appeal of money and the assumption that it is an easy job. The truth is very different, though. The work is immensely stressful, somewhat repetitive and requires patience and empathy. What's more, the financial rewards are not that impressive – average employees earn usually less than the median wage.

Complaints against some caregivers include muttering sarcastically under their breath, rolling their eyes, showing outright disrespect, cursing, sighing and even aids snapping at patients. While some employees have attitude issues and don't have the empathy required to work in this field, most staff is understanding, attentive and knows how to deal with patients.


The person treating you or your loved ones must be a professional. There are no shortcuts. The same goes for the person coming into your home. They have to be professional, licensed and have relevant experience. Professionalism must be displayed at all times. Professionalism also means:

  • Showing up on the days scheduled for work – skipping work shows that you are not reliable and are untrustworthy

  • Be prompt and respecting the time you are required to work

  • Arriving with the necessary tools, paperwork, devices, and accessories you need in order to give the right care to patients

  • Able to immediately start working and handle emergency situations

  • Not disappearing during your work period

  • Being open to staying over time

  • Not talking, using the Internet or avoiding the patient during your work period

Any home care assistance provider that displays one of the behaviors listed above is not suited to work with patients under any circumstances. If you experience similar behavior, try to contact the agency and avoid the services provided by that specific caregiver. Keep in mind that mysterious individuals, who take many breaks, miss work, are inattentive or inconsistent are not good caregivers. Try to avoid these people if possible.


Home health care services are popular across the country. Many seniors choose this type of service for a variety of factors. Seniors can enjoy their lives in relative comfort, be independent and stay at home, while also receiving long term care. Home care services are also popular because they are cheaper than living in a retirement community or a nursing home. Keep in mind that the prices vary a lot, depending on the type of service you need and the frequency required. Make sure you choose a package that is within your budget. There are endless options to choose from and you can also look for financial help. There are multiple organizations that can help you financially, so try to contact them if you need more money for home health care providers

If you consider all of these qualities during the research phase, you will more than likely find the best health care provider for you or your loved one. Remember these are the basics every home care service should provide. If your prospective service does not adhere to any of these qualities, do not waste your time. Home healthcare is important and you only want the best. 


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