Age Spots - Prevention and Hiding

Age Spots - Prevention and Hiding

As we age, our skin ages as well. Fine lines, wrinkles, and spots are inevitable and perfectly normal. Even if we use multiple skin treatment products or have a healthy lifestyle, these are normal effects of aging. But what steps can we take in order to prevent and hide age spots in Montreal? Let's have a more in-depth look:

What are age spots?

Age spots are also known as liver spots or solar lentigines. They are described as small dark areas on your skin. Their size varies a lot and will usually appear on the hands, shoulders, arms and the face; usually, areas more exposed to the sun.

They are very common in adults, especially those over 50. Younger people can be affected, especially if they live in sunny areas. Age spots may look like cancerous growths, but they are harmless. They don't need medical treatment, but, for cosmetic reasons, they can be removed or can be lightened with various products. Normal prevention consists of avoiding the sun and applying sunscreen regularly.

Age spots are caused by overactive pigment cells. These are activated by UV light, which increases the production of melanin. The melanin becomes clumped in areas where the UV light was more present – these are the areas that are more exposed to the sun. Age spots are also more prevalent in people who regularly use tanning lamps or beds.

How To Prevent Age Spots?

#1 Creams and lotions

Fading age spots are a long term battle. The American Academy of Dermatology (abbreviated as AAD) suggests you use lotion or cream treatment. However, pay attention to this solution as it won't work instantly. The treatment is done over many months, and you should apply the treatment daily. Essentially, it should be part of your daily skincare routine for an extended period of time.

#2 Apply Sunscreen Regularly

As discussed above, age spots are mainly caused by UV light. This means you should try to avoid this type of light as much as possible. Try to apply sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher, whenever you go outside in the sun, especially if you live in a sunny area. If you tend to forget to apply sunscreen, you can use a moisturizer with SPF every morning. This way, you will include the sunscreen protection in your daily skincare routine. Obviously, sunscreen is not the only solution against UV light. You can also wear protective clothing, that covers every sensitive area. For instance, use wide-brimmed hats to create shade for your face.

#3 Avoid Tanning Beds And Lamps

Your sun is definitely not your friend when it comes to age spots. And the same goes for tanning beds and lamps. Apparently, swapping the beach for tanning booth won't do you any good, so simply skip both, as much as possible. If you still want to have that sexy tanned look, try to use a self-tanner cream instead. You can achieve the tanned look without having to stay in the sun at all.

#4 Use A Lip Balm With Spf

You'd be surprised, but even your lips can be affected by the sun and the UV rays. In some cases, age spots can appear on the lips as well, so you will need to use protection. To keep your lips healthy, spot-free and moisturized, make sure you use a lip balm that has an SPF of 30 or higher. Use it every two hours to get the best results.

#5 Use Creams With Niacinamide

Niacinamide will prevent the development of age spots and will lighten the ones you already have. This will be done without breaking the bank – they are easily available and affordable. The results will be visible after six to eight weeks of treatment and the cream is easily tolerated by anyone.

#6 Using Natural Extracts

If creams are not your cup of tea, you can always choose natural extracts. A good option for age spots is licorice root extract, which is often sold as an herbal supplement. Try to apply the extract on the face at least twice a day, preferably during the morning and evening. In just a few months, you will see the results – your age spots will fade away and will be almost invisible.

#7 Covering With Makeup

If you are a little late to the prevention game, and already have your fair share of age spots, you shouldn't despair! You can still cover the age spots with makeup. Just use a color correcting concealer onto any spots you have. You can use this product on every age spot, no matter where it is located. To pick the right color, choose the opposite color you want to cancel out. For age spots, yellow and peach hues are your best choices. They work for virtually any age spot, small or large.

#8 Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

The quickest way to make the age spots in Montreal a little less visible is to try an exfoliating treatment. Alpha hydroxy acids are the best options for exfoliation. Apply the cream right after taking a shower or a bath for best results. Make sure you use a special cloth to keep the cream close to your face and neck. Other good options are glycolic acid creams, lactic acid creams or various skin serums with natural ingredients.

#9 Peel or Laser Treatment

If you want direct, dramatic results, the laser treatment might be your best friend. Make sure you talk with your dermatologist if you want this type of treatment, as it is not good for everyone. A chemical peel can also be a good option for yours. Both these technologies target excess brown or red pigmentation that occurs in the skin and both of them can reduce age spots drastically. However, they tend to come back, especially if you stay out in the sun and don't use sunscreen.

#10 Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can also be used to hide age spots in Montreal. Talk to your dermatologist before trying them as sometimes they can have adverse effects. Prescription creams contain hydroquinone, which is a topical bleaching agent. Creams with hydroquinone are cheap and easily available, but you will need a prescription.




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