How are Fashion Colleges in Jaipur Opening New Avenues for the Students There?

How are Fashion Colleges in Jaipur Opening New Avenues for the Students There?

Jaipur has always held an integral place in the cultural landscape of India, because it is one of the strongholds of Rajasthan’s culture. And no one can deny the influence Rajasthani culture, heritage and traditions has had on the Indian psyche as a whole. The Maharajas of the land and their queens were the very embodiment of grace and elegance, and be it their royal finery or their jewelry, everything about them continues to influence and inspire the modern fashion designers of today. Jaipur can be considered to be a starting point from where a novice designer could start his or her research on the history of Indian fashion and it is only natural that some of the best fashion colleges in Jaipur like Gurukul School of Design are located here.   

One of the best things about staying in Jaipur while studying fashion is that there are no dearth of practical experiences that one could have while foraying into creating something with one’s own hands. The weavers and craftsmen of Jaipur are known all over the country for their exquisite handiwork. Be it the traditional and colorful sherwani and lehengas, heavily embroidered with zari work and elaborate motifs of elephants, camels and castles, or the enchanting pieces of jadau jewelry made from polki and other exquisite gemstones, each and every single piece is steeped in Rajasthani culture which speak of the glorious days of the past and continue to mesmerize the consumers of the present. For any overseas clients, these exotic pieces are a treasure to behold but it is quite something to be able to create something which is as close as this. And this is where the best fashion design colleges in Jaipur come into the picture. They have helped the contemporary students to understand and inculcate this very craftsmanship is a modern setting, which will enable them to create designs of their own that are traditional but will appeal to the global consumers at the same time.   

Another advantage of studying fashion in Jaipur is that the students get to experience certain aspects of fashion which are not always easy to come by at other places. One of them is to experience the sights and sounds of the region and to actually get to meet people who are interested in fashion but are also on the lookout for wearable pieces. Jaipur is very much a modern city as old as it might be, and hence it perfectly balances these two worlds, which in turn could lend any budding designer with a fresh perspective. And this is what design colleges in Jaipur like Gurukul School of Design have been working relentlessly on, so that for the designers, it is a complete and wholesome experience- where the high couture they design is inspired by the motifs of local craftsmen, and where, on the other hand, the wearable and practical pieces too stand out because of the uniqueness of their pattern and one of a kind embroidery. Designers come in touch with a number of people in their careers and they have the power to become influencers. They also have the power to lead through their work and this is what the top fashion design schools are currently trying do. Clothes that are sustainable can also be easily recycled and it would considerably reduce wastage, much of which ends in landfills around the world. It is imperative that the fashion students become promoters of living sustainably and since clothing forms an integral part of our lives and who we are, it has the ability to make a huge positive impact on our environment. 

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