What are the effective solutions for female hair thinning and falling?

With the ever-increasing pollution and changes in the climatic conditions, everyone is susceptible to hair loss and thinning of hair. Not only me or you all of us are scared of hair loss as we consider hair as an emotion rather than considering it as a part of our body. Seeing just a hair strand that is stuck in the comb can make you scared. Isn’t it right?

Hair is one of the most important features that makes you appear the best. Moreover, it is the primary thing that everyone notices in you. Unfortunately, hair thinning and hair loss are growing more common in a great number of people. It may be a genetic disorder or the constant trauma we have been keeping our hair through like coloring, straightening, styling, etc ultimately hair loss is on the lift. In what way do you nourish your hair from the root? Are medications reliable, or should you go for any natural therapies? Like this, there will be many questions running in your mind.

So, here are some hair loss solutions for women!


Massage your scalp with essential oils

Massaging your scalp with vital oils for a couple of hours stimulates your hair follicles to stay active. Oil can seep well within the hair, hence by making the hair not to lose its natural moisture. Your hair will less prone to damage and remains thick as well as strong. Almond oil and castor oil particularly promote great hair growth and they are regarded as effective hair loss treatment for women.

Consult a Hair Therapist

It is always advised to visit a doctor or a hair specialist because they will help you identify the right problem and will suggest the right therapy. There are many doctors who have recommended better hair loss treatment for women and indeed they are successful. Primarily, hair treatment includes anything like taking oral medicine. The most recommended and approved medicines for lessening hair fall is Minoxidil. It helps in boosting blood flow and results in increased hair growth. It also has some side effects such as allergy and itching on the scalp.

Apply Hair Masks

Hair easily loses its moisture. You can use some hair masks to reduce this problem. You can use this mask after rinsing your hair with shampoo or by applying on just wet hair. The right method to apply the mask is by applying from the root to the tip of every hair strand. But remember not to rub it on to the scalp. Better use a renowned one a couple of times in a week.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

Shampooing your hair frequently is a part of stopping hair loss as washing your hair regularly keeps your scalp away from dirt and dust. By doing this way, you are reducing the threat of dandruff and infections that may influence in thinning of hair or hair breakage. Also, you must use a shampoo that suits your hair because every shampoo is not good for your scalp.

Do not Bath with Hot Water

Our hair is very delicate. Never use extremely hot water to rinse your hair. Warm water will change the texture of the hair and stimulates the oil-generating glands. It is always recommended to use lukewarm water or cool water which will aid in diluting the secretions of oil glands, eliminates dirt, and increase blood circulation. It is best to conclude with a cold shower. Using cool water will stimulate blood circulation at the hair roots and gives a smooth and shiny look to your hair.

Final Say

On top of everything, you need to have a protein-rich diet and fiber-rich food like almonds, carrot, corn, etc. We bet you will surely notice a change after following the above points.

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