How Hiring Hours Works

Hiring Hours


How Hiring Hours Works

 Hiring Hours is a freelance and outsourcing platform which brings together buyers in search of freelance sellers who can perform from simple to complex quickly and skillfully. Become a part of Hiring Hours is simple:


As a buyer, find the service you need and choose from more than 200 experts based on their prices, portfolios, delivery time, ratings and recommendations.

Then submit details of the work or project. Be as precise as possible to get the quality of work you expect from your chosen seller. Your payment is secured until you confirm that you are satisfied with the service done.

Send work instructions or related files through our conversation and transaction management system and get instant feedback from the seller.

Once you are satisfied with the service performed and delivered, mark the transaction complete and we'll make sure the seller gets paid. Help the community by leaving a feedback ad rating for the seller.

If, however, you are not satisfied with the quality of work delivered, you can request for modification, and the seller will make necessary corrections.

Finally, leave a rating and provide feedback about your seller. This will help other buyers looking through proposals or services to make informed decisions.


As a seller, after signing up and completing your profile, you can post proposals or services that match your skills. Help clients know exactly what services they will get for the money they are willing to pay by being very specific.

Promptly respond to customer enquiries and offers as soon as possible. Bear in mind that excellent communication fosters successful cooperation.

By treating customers respectfully and delivering the best possible service regardless of financial value, you can be recommended by customers.

Lastly, Sellers who want to build and keep a good reputation of the platform must deliver on time. Buyers may cancel an order when more time than was stipulated is used to complete the work.


About Us

Hiring Hours is a fast, cost-effective way of getting any task done in just a few hours or even less. Whether you are a buyer looking for excellent freelance skills to handle simple to complicated functions in almost any area, or a freelancer looking to get paid for work done from a location of your choice, hiring hours makes the process simple.

Now, than ever before, the freelance world is crowded to more than full capacity. This poses real challenges for both freelancers and hirers. It could be difficult to find the right skills at moderate prices for simple projects.

On the other hand, although the internet holds a myriad of short term and long-term work opportunities, getting connected to hirers with an assurance of being paid has never been more complicated for freelancers. More so, every other employer you turn to as a newbie in any field offline requires some level of work experience before hiring. It is easy to get frustrated after trying too many times to no avail.


Let's take the unnecessary hustle and struggle out of outsourcing and freelancing.

With Hiring Hours, you don't have to go through the stress of searching and connecting. Neither should you worry about the security and assurance of payments. 

If you need an expert to complete a project, you don't have to hire in-house or spend more than an hour looking for a qualified freelancer for your project. Neither should you break your budget. You can get professional services at your budget. Just create an account following a few simple steps.


We are powered by a talented inhouse team of over 350 employees. So you can be sure of hitch-free services every day, all day. Our customer support team is ready to receive and respond to your questions or queries promptly.


Browse 500+ services (carefully structured into specific categories and subcategories) from over 200+ experts ready and waiting to offer any type of expertise service on demand. From graphic and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and tech, business, and a host of others, choose a category and subcategory, state your budget and the job requirements. Then sit back for a few minutes and wait for freelancers to send in their proposals.


As an ever-increasing global community, we are connecting hundreds of people around the world to hiring and work opportunities every day.

Alternatively, on hiring hours, you can contact freelancers directly, pay just a few bucks based on the freelancer's rate and get the job done in no time. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

We are associated with rise Commerce and located in Lucknow.

Becoming a Part of Hiring Hours. Just sign up and send us an email. After taking a test and interview, if you qualify, you can become a seller on our team.


Description of Categories


1. Graphic and Design


Add color and style to your visual communication. Make it simple but significant.

The world of Graphics and Design has become a vital part of visual communication in every media. The several hundred elements and tools that make up this beautiful world are instruments with which anyone can change the look and feel of almost anything. There are no limits and no rules, just creativity. With several hundreds of skilled graphic and design freelancers to work with, you will undoubtedly find the quality of service you desire. And since creativity lives in our imagination, you may discover skills that far exceed your expectations. Just leave precise details on what you need to be accomplished. Go through a wide variety of subcategories that make up the Graphic and Design world. From Business cards, stationery, flyers and posters, logos, books and packaging, to web and mobile designs, whether Print or Digital, you can choose a seller from our community of freelancers to work with. With knowledge and adequate experience in one or more design tools, several graphic designers await your instructions to design whatever you can imagine. Go through a list of people who offer services in your preferred subcategory or post a gig. Explore hundreds of creative talents brought together in one place.


Logo Design 

Get the most creative logo design ideas and take your brand to the next level. Many times, a logo is the very first visual communication element consumers come across – and it's the image that stays in a customer's mind even after a deal is sealed. Every brand can speak through its logo since it often summarizes the services or goods offered by a business. Get logos that speak so loudly, your customers and potential customers can't help but listen.

Find Graphic designers who have the creativity, skill and experience to design the most interactive and distinguishing logo to promote your brand or business.


Business Card and Stationery

It's crucial to stand out in a very competitive world. That's where business cards come in. For professionals who often have to connect with several people, many of them potential clients or investors, a well-designed business card adds a touch of professionality to your identity. Additionally, an attractive business card could serve as an advertising strategy for your business or brand. With the right business card, creatively tailored to suit your brand, you won't just stand out – you will stand tall.

You can also get customized stationery for every possible purpose at your budget and within a short period. Meet Graphic designers who are anxious to work with you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

- Illustration 

The world of painting is developing rapidly. Illustrations are often very useful as far as communication is concerned. It could be very challenging to get someone with a creative mind and the right skills to illustrate the idea you have in mind. That's why we bring you several illustrators in one place. All you have to do is make a choice. Get someone to create visually exciting concepts that creatively express your ideas, sell your products or services and promote your brand. Using color, shapes, form and layout, illustrators can help make your most vivid ideas a reality.


- Cartoons and Caricatures 

Looking for a cartoonist to do print or audio-visual work? Get your project done quick and at the best possible rate. Whatever it is, a person, animal or scenery, on Hiring Hours, you can always find talented and skilled sellers who are willing to deliver just what you require. Have a seller produce whimsical style illustrations as cartoons or play on particular features of someone you will like to have a caricature of. With so many tools mastered by cartoonist, there are more than a thousand different impressive caricature and cartoon illustrations possible. Benefit from creative skills and talents at the best prices.


- Flyers & Posters 

In a very short time, you can get flyers and posters to promote your event, business or cause. On hiring hours, you will find an unending list of talented designers to work on your flyer and poster projects. Using a variety of software, freelancers can produce very stunning designs that will draw attention to your brand and keep it in the minds of people, turning one-time buyers to lifetime customers. Remember, you don't need to have any knowledge of the skills required. Just get connected to someone who does and let them do the magic for a few bucks.


- Books Covers &Packaging 

IN this digital era, packaging has a vital role to play in the area of sales. The way your book cover is designed and packaged could be the link to higher sales.

After putting in a lot of work on the content of your book, you can get someone from our design community to do an impressive book cover and packaging design that serves as the cherry on the cake. Let book cover packaging designers help your book or other goods that require packaging stand out in digital markets. On hiring hours, with talented, skilled and creative sellers, you can get something that's cool and budget-friendly in little or no time.


- Web & Mobile Design 

Find sellers who can upgrade or create impressive and very interactive, user-friendly designs for web and mobile interfaces. Readers or content consumers, in general, can easily be distracted by the way an interface looks and feels. A poorly designed interface is often synonymous with bad business. You can spare yourself the trouble by making it work the first time. Get in touch with some skillful web and mobile designers and choose who to work with. Remember, with Hiring Hours; it is always that simple. Just give your specifications and budget and let the right sellers find you.


- Social Media Design 

In the sea of graphics that fill the internet and struggle for the attention of social media users, your visual content should still call for attention. And Yes, it can. From very simple to super complex design tools, we present a host of sellers who can do catchy designs for your social media handles. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just any other; graphics are your first shot at getting the attention of people. Here on Hiring Hours, you can always find people who know how to make your social media designs pop so that you get engagements and possibly drive sales.


- Banner Ads

With informative and interesting content, Banner Ads can make your website even more attractive and easy to relate with. When professionally done, banner adds could encourage website visitors actually to consume content. Besides, you can't leave any stone unturned when competing with hundreds of websites in your niche. Get banner ads effectively designed to fulfil their purpose. Let the quality that designers can produce complement your website content to increase traffic, sales and profits. With adequate mastery of different tools used for banner design and a good number of designers waiting to work on your project, everything is set to go according to plan.


- Photoshop Editing

We have an army of photoshop experts ready to offer the best quality service at an accommodating budget. There are just too many things people can accomplish with a tool like photoshop when they know what they are doing. And our Photoshop experts know what they are doing. Need a photo transformed or retouched on photoshop to increase quality and perverse cherished memories? From very simple to complex photoshop editing work, we got you covered. Whatever you require, you can find someone to deliver. Look through seller profiles or post a request that describes your need and state your budget.


- 3D & 2D Models 

Here, you can always find experts to take care of your rendering, and 3D modelling work effectively. Whether it's something easy or complex, with your preferred budget, you have several freelancers to work with. From interior designs and sketches, 3D modelling and architectural rendering, the community of architecture and modelling experts on Hiring Hours are ready to complete your project. Whatever, the task, no matter the skills needed to accomplish it, we have the right people at your service. If you neither have the skills or time to accomplish your project, just get connected to someone who does and let them do the magic for a few bucks.


- T-Shirts 

Need a design that says you are bold and confident about your message? Or something custom made as a special gift for a special one? Get amazing custom designs of any kind and communicate with what you wear. Our Community of T-Shirt and merchandise designers can make your ideas and concepts a reality, giving you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of styles and print-ready formats.

Can't find an offer that matches your ideas? You can post a request with clear descriptions of the specific service you need with your budget and have sellers contact you with their offers.


Presentation Design

Use visual elements to emphasize essential messages on your presentation or give it a professional touch by taking advantage of expert presentation design services from our experienced freelancers. Take tradition out of the look and feel of your presentation slides by using custom made presentation designs that pop with color and a professional combination of design elements. From simple custom-made PowerPoint or keynote designs to more complex presentations for just about any purpose, let our designers help you steal the show and easily communicate at your event. Go through the profiles of potential freelancers for your project and make propositions or post a request.


2. Digital Marketing

Take advantage of marketing strategies and services that actually deliver traceable results.

 Every successful business with an online presence must rest on digital marketing as its central foundational pillar. On the internet, the most important thing is to get one's goods and services in front of the right audience and have as many engagements as possible. To achieve these objectives, you will need to make use of one or more digital marketing channels that effectively generate leads for your brand or business. You may need to know what digital marketing channels have to be incorporated into your platform before starting. If you are sure exactly what digital marketing channels will work best for you and need help setting them up or making them work, you are definitely in the right place. 

With every digital marketing channel available, we have skilled digital experts who are ready to help your marketing efforts gain grounds on the web and on electronic devices. On Hiring hours, our freelance digital marketers cover every area there is. Whether it is merely coming up with a digital marketing plan, Search Engine Optimization, affiliate marketing, blogs, online ads or blogs and mobile apps you won't have a hard time finding someone to work on your marketing projects. Just search through an all-inclusive list of subcategories and choose to see exactly which freelancers are available to take on your assignment and how much they charge for the task you need accomplished.

- Social Media Marketing

Use social media platforms to establish lasting connections with your audience that will serve as a foundation for building your brand, increasing sales, and driving website traffic. Connect with social media marketers who are experienced with a wide range of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and many others. 

Get in touch with social media marketing experts who are experienced and result-driven. Our community of freelance social marketers can help you create social marketing plans and strategies, execute them or even entirely manage your social media handles. Contact a seller and reach the masses interested in your products or services through social media.

- Web Traffic 

Without website traffic, a website is basically of no benefit to the owner. There are many ways to get more website traffic and increase the monetary value of your site. A good number of them are simple to follow through on, but others will require some level of experience and professional touch to get the kind of results you will be interested in. It is unnecessary to go through the stress of understanding how everything works, let alone doing it all by yourself. Just get one or more freelance web traffic experts in our community of digital experts to do the job for you.

- Content Marketing

Get freelancers who are experienced and result driven when it comes to creating and sharing material online. Let the quality of materials they design and make a positive difference in promoting your brand and spurring more interest in your goods and services. 

When it comes to marketing content, not everything goes. Whatever is used on your website to maintain an online presence and attract an audience has to be done and distributed in a concise, relevant and consistent manner. We have just the right people ready to help for a surprisingly small fee.


Search Engine Optimization is a popular phrase in the internet world and especially in relation to websites. You can take strategic advantage of search engine results to consistently increase both the quantity and quality of traffic on your website. It takes adequate precise knowledge, skills and consistent application to make SEO work for you and deliver amazing, measurable results. Our community of experienced SEO experts have all it takes to deliver quality backed by tangible results at an affordable rate and in the least time possible.

- Video Marketing 

Using videos to promote brands has become very popular today. The resources available as a result of technological advancements are too many to number. But having those resources is hardly enough to make a difference with video marketing. Almost every social media platform supports video exchange and directly or indirectly allows the promotion of video content. Get someone who knows how to plan or create video content that sells. Each platform or brand type may require a different kind of video marketing strategy to work. If you are lost as far as making a choice and creating video content that sells on different platforms are concerned, relax. We have hundreds of people who are eager to help for an unusually small fee.

- Email Marketing 

Beyond getting emails addresses through which you can stay connected with your clients, every business or brand needs email marketing to take things to a whole new level with commercial messaging. Every single email that goes out when broadcasting is a tool through which your business can convert potential customers to your brand and strengthen the commitment of existing customers. There are many email marketing types that could get the job done. Get in touch with one of Hiring Hours' expert email marketing strategists.

- Search & Display Marketing 

Deciding whether to use search advertising or display advertising (or both) as a marketing strategy is critical to businesses that intend to use these marketing methods. Marketing is generally expensive, so any chosen plan could become a liability to a company if it is not effectively done. Our digital advertising experts can help you decide what choice to make based by accurately weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each option. If you already made a choice, then check sellers that match the level experience and expertise you desire, and you will have result delivered just in time. Can't find an offer that matches your ideas? You can post a request with clear descriptions of the specific service you need and have sellers contact you with their offers.

Marketing Strategy 

Have some of the most brilliant and productive minds develop marketing strategies that help you make concise plans to get a competitive advantage. For some people. Identifying the right marketing strategies for your business seems like rocket science. Well, however difficult or easy it is to come up with the right marketing strategies, you don't need to do it by yourself, especially if you are not sure what to do. 

We have a community of freelance marketing strategists who have track record results. Just contact sellers with your offer or post a detailed proposal of the job you need to be done and requirements. We will ensure the right people see and reach you with an offer.

- Web Analytics 

Knowing and keeping abreast with the behavior of visitors to your website through analytic processes is more vital than it may sound sometimes. You can effectively retain customers or attract new ones by attracting more visitors to your site. 

There are a number of web Analysts in our community to help you get the most out of data collection, analysis, and reporting from your website. This should help you understand and optimize how users interact with your webpages and ultimately provide a better experience for more traffic. You don't have to bear the burden of filling your website with content and running analysis all alone. Get help with little or no pay. 

- Influencer Marketing 

Get social media marketing experts who have the influence to make endorsements by placing your products and services before committed followers. Business and their owners need the following of others to spread the word about their products and services wider and get even more potential customers to join those who are already committed to the brand. You can take advantage of what is now one of the most effective marketing strategies to drive sales stats up and get real loyal customers. 

We know how difficult it could be to pull off something like this on your own. If you neither have the following or contacts, just require the services of someone who does and have their services rendered at a small fee.   

- Local Listings

With the help of freelancers, get your business or its services added to websites and make the search easier for customers and potential customers. Whether on Yelp, Foursquare, yellow pages or other sites, you can have free local listings created for your business to increase the chances of being found and making more sales.

Can't find an offer that matches your ideas? You can post a request with clear descriptions of the specific service you need and have sellers contact you with their offers. Experience the simplicity and benefits of working with freelancers on Hiring hours. 

- Domain Research 

Need to know how your domain or that of another site changed over time? Or make a connection between domain names by using email address, registrant name, phone number or other ownership information to determine changes in a domain's infrastructure? Everything is possible. 

You can spare yourself the pains of going through the details and processes involved by committing a member of our trusted domain researchers to the task. Find someone who can do the research and come up with the right domain name for your website or find PBN expired domain name.  

- E-Commerce Marketing 

With services that support online stores or commercial sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and many more, you can increase sales and make a positive impact on your business through eCommerce marketing efforts. Get a seller to create product listings for these sites, start a dropping store or promote your store to a large following on social media. Making marketing efforts work through an online store could be what your business needs to break even or increase profits from sales. Take advantage of our e-commerce marketers and their expertise. Get interested e-commerce marketers to do a great job.

- Mobile Advertising 

Sure, you can reach thousands of potential customers with App Store Optimization, app marketing or smart mobile ad campaign services. Rank high on google play and app store, get sellers who can write effective also optimized app descriptions for android and iOS. Increase the number of app downloads and installations using valid app promotion and marketing techniques.

3. Writing & Translation 

Get in touch with people who can make it difficult for your audience to misunderstand you.

The importance of quality writing I every area, whether print or digital, cannot be overemphasized. Crafting the right content is the only assurance you have when it comes to communicating effectively with your audience. It doesn't matter what or who your audiences are. The quality of writeups must have a professional touch. From grammar to punctuation, spelling and tenses, we have writers and content crafters who can make every piece delivered shine with professional perfection. 

The world is a smaller place with the right translation skills. You can spread information and knowledge through cultural and language barriers with the help of our seasoned translators. There are hundreds of people who should hear your message but do not understand your primary language of communication. People feel connected to their primary language for various reasons, cultural and societal loyalty being the strongest of them. For these reasons, even those who understand the language you communicate with may not be willing to pay attention if you are not going to communicate in their primary language. Get your message effectively communicated with the help of expert and experienced writers and translators in all categories. If you can't find a subcategory to math your needs, post detailed information about the particular service you want. 

- Resumes & Cover Letters 

Your C.V. and cover letter are your very first shot to getting a job so they should highlight your skills and experience to help you stand out from the crowd. Professional candidates customize their resume and cover letter so that potential employers can quickly see that they are qualified for your job opening.

The competition for job position could seem discouraging, especially when you consider how many other people are interested in the same position. With help from our freelance professional C.V. writers and proofreaders, you stand a better chance of succeeding at that all-important job interview

- Proofreading and Editing

Want to make sure your content or writeup is organized and free of mistakes, whether grammatical or contextual? Your message is essential so don't let presentations or essays that have taken time to come up with become almost useless because of unchecked grammatical errors, misspelt words, wrong tenses are a bad advertisement for your content. Potential customers can more easily trust the information you are passing across about goods and services if it is free from such mistakes. For a small fee, our expert freelance proofreaders and copy editors will take a professional look at your content and make sure it's just perfect for publishing. 

- Translation

The translation is one of those services that help make the world a better place by connecting people. Often, even people who clearly understand a second language will prefer that you pass across your message to them in their primary language. You can't take this for granted. Make your voice herd cross-culturally through outstanding professional freelance services. 

Go global! 

On Hiring Hours, a community of translators brings you hundreds of language and subject matter experts who are experienced in two or more languages. Indeed, you can always get the services of a professional translator (or better still, a team of translators) depending on your unique requirements.

Creative Writing

Whatever you want, whether regular or customized, be it children's stories or personalized wedding vows, a well-crafted script for your video campaign, we've got a large community of creative writers with extensive, almost unlimited services to suit your needs – all for surprisingly small fees. Creative writing is an excellent way to express yourself or put the spotlight on your brand by making use of many different forms, including poems, prose and song lyrics. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, post a request, clearly describing the specific service(s) you need and you will have sellers contact you.

 - Business Copywriting 

At Hiring Hours, you can get connected with freelance professional copywriters with the skill and creativity to develop relevant content for your business piece. Get a persuasive sales copy that effectively advertises or describes your product by making use of the right tagline or slogan for your brand or a script for your business promotional video. Professionally written sales copies are persuasive enough to increase sales by turning sceptics into buyers

Meet Business copywriters with mastery of English, an excellent eye for details, a very wide vocabulary, researching and all other qualities it takes to deliver a piece that actually drives sales and makes your business much more successful than you ever dreamt it will be.

- Research & Summaries

You can hire affordable writers for your research paper or summaries. Outsource your research project to freelancers who are experienced and committed to delivering value. You can equally benefit from research abstracts and valuable articles as a base for further research. Whatever you need to carry out applaudable academic research or write outstanding summaries, our freelance researchers can help you in little time and at an affordable rate.

- Articles & Blog Posts 

Knowing how important your message is, we've got just the right services to help you effectively communicate with your target audience. It is an established fact that what sells a website or blog is the content put upon it. But it can't be just any content. The type of content that brings results is specially crafted by professional bloggers, with adequate experience and familiarity with SEO tools. 

 We have the right people to offer you expert services at moderate rates. Sellers can always deliver on custom orders for slightly higher charges. Message a seller with your requirements or openly post a job description.

- Press Releases 

Speak louder and be heard more. You can spread information about developments regarding your brand or service with the help of our community of press release experts. With a beautiful selection of professional press release services to assist you, your business can not be missing in action. Take the opportunity to create exotic content and distribute your message to the media with style and class. 

Get the word out with professionally written press releases or newswire services. Our freelance writers are always ready to provide just the right quality for you. 

- Transcription 

If you need someone to carefully convert thoughts, speech or data to printing or written form, whether an audio or video file for any purpose, then check out our transcription services providers. Quickly transcribe your audio or video file with high-level accuracy and in multiple languages. Transcriptions can be very useless when done by amateurs. That's why we have experienced transcribers to make sure files are perfect upon delivery. Let's take all the limits and hitches off, so transcription is not one more problem you have to deal with while working on your project.

- Legal Writing 

You can save time by putting in little or no effort to get legal documents drafted. Save your time and maintain your sanity by getting in touch with experienced legal writers. Getting terms of service and contract drafts will take just a few hours to be professionally crafted. Have expert legal writers analyze facts patterns and craft legal documents like memoranda and briefs. Whatever form, of legal writing you need, we got you covered.

Can't find an offer that matches your ideas? You can post a request with clear descriptions of the specific service you need and have sellers contact you with their offers. Experience the simplicity and benefits of working with freelancers on Hiring hours.

 4. Video & Animation 

If you must communicate with videos, then do it with style and flare.

Get a unique storyline and tell your story differently with outstanding custom and animated video services on Hiring Hours. The professionalism of offers in this category allows you to have your video clips transformed from simple amateur shots to breathtaking masterpieces. There are so many ways a video, no matter how short, can make the impact you desire on your target audience. However, this can only happen when the right video is skillfully made with the right audience in mind. 

Whether you need whiteboard explainer videos to communicate effectively with simple illustrations or you want your intros and animated logos that make your brand and business famous, you will find the right services here on hiring hours at incredible rates. Those who are interested in other video and animation services like video editing and post-production, testimonial to increase the loyalty of customers to your brand, professional music and lyric videos can always trust someone from our talented community of video and animation specialists with their projects. On Hiring hours, you can always be sure to get the best quality to be refunded.   

- Whiteboard & Explainer Videos 

Creativity and uniqueness hold a special place in every online marketing campaign because it ensures quality results. By using explainer videos or whiteboards, you can always stay unique and keep people informed about your brand. Animations, whiteboards and explainer videos are known to stir up curiosity and boost your website as a step towards enhancing business performance on the worldwide scale. They are remarkably effective in capturing the world of people's minds in every business niche. If you intend to connect with people, not just emotionally but also logically, and remain appealing to them, then take advantage of whiteboards and explainer video services offered here to make it work.

- Intros & Animated Logos 

For little charges, you can do exceptional graphics and design intros and animated logos on Hiring Hours. Our graphic designers create unique, visually dynamic video intros for just about any business or brand that requires the service. Get the best intro, and animated logo offers to arouse interest in your brand or business and its goods and services. Go through a list of animation service providers for exciting offers that intelligently render a presentation of your business or animate 3D logos that are memorable. 

If you can't see the service you are interested in, you can always post a request that describes exactly what you want, and you certainly have the right people show interest in your project. 

Promotional & Brand Videos 

Promoting a business or brand has so many ways to go about it. Whether or not you understand the fundamentals of promotional videos, you can take advantage of the unique benefits they offer by letting experts from our community do the job. Promo video is one of today's most effective tools for marketing purposes. Promotional videos work better when they provide the most relevant information within a short time. The attention span of people around the world has been on the decrease with the advent of the internet, where so many things are constantly calling one's attention. Get someone who can produce promotional and brand videos that capture and keep the attention of your audience.

- Editing & Post Production 

After taking beautiful clips for a video project, it is vital to commit everything to the hands of an expert who can turn it into an outstandingly captivating video. We have freelance editing and post-production experts who will be excited to edit your video footage an make it extra captivating by adding your logo and subtitles to your finished video. You can also have someone create an accompanying music video to your song!

 If you don't see the service you are looking, you can always post a request that describes exactly what you want, and you certainly have the right people show interest in your project. 

- Lyric & Music Videos 

You may have the raw talent but don't understand how to refine it. O hiring hours, we can help you discover and bring out the pop star within. It is a massive industry and to be successful; you need to let others contribute to your nurturing so that your output may be much more productive than you ever imagined. The competition is high, but you can make it to the top of the pyramid with the help and services of creative lyric and music video creators. Let's help you create MTV-worthy lyric and music videos that sell and help spread your fame beyond your wildest dreams. 

- Spokesperson & Testimonials

Imagine what influence genuine testimonials of your business, services or products could accomplish as far as driving sales is concerned. A great video showing such real testimonials can be compelling and persuasive, contributing to the credibility to your business or brand. You can have one of our many talented professional actors communicate your message in a way that creates impact. If you are camera shy, you don't need to go through the stress. Let experts with language mastery, furnished vocabulary and exceptional speaking skills serve as your spokesperson or give a real testimonial that counts in the competitive market world. 

5. Programming & Tech


Be innovative; Let’s help you catch up with the latest technological trends and stay at the cutting edge.

Programming and technological services are driving the world today on so many levels. It has become ingrained into every aspect of our lives, from the way we socialize, study, get jobs travel and work. It has become a very profitable industry in which to invest.

With the coming of this computer and software age, everything has become possible. The only limits you have now are the limits of your mind and the expertise of your developers. That is why we have the stage set for you to meet expert developers and programmers who will convert your thoughts and plans to reality with fantastic speed and exceptional quality.

All you need to do is to pitch your project, and in minutes, you will have experts at your disposition to perform the tasks. It has never been made very easy to get your work done.

If you have a project for which you are not sure of the technology needed to implement it, you put up an advert detailing your specific requirements. You get to receive bids from experts who are willing to work within your budget. The same way you are in search of excellent developers and programmers, they are in search of you. The fear of not getting the correct work done is not an issue because we guarantee your money is for a 100% refund should you not be satisfied with the work you receive

- WordPress

WordPress is the go-to tool for quick and relatively cheap website design. It is also a platform that sports a lot of potential because of the virtually unlimited supply of themes and plugins which make it possible to extend the functionality and design of your website within days for what would otherwise take weeks or even months to implement. The ecosystem of WordPress designer and developer communities keep on increasing, giving you a substantial promise for long term maintenance and sustainability. We have excellent developers and designers who will deliver what you need when you need it. Place your project proposal and watch the magic begin.

- Web Programming

Developing systems for your online presence is what web programming is all about. We are talking about all kinds of web applications from simple to-do list applications to the most sophisticated tools which professionals pay for and use every day. Getting a web application built, therefore, can be a daunting task, given the new technologies and constant updates released for them every week.

Do you have the next big idea for a web application? You have come to the right place. Here you will find experts with skills in every available web technology and programming language who will take your project from any stage to the finishing point.

- Website Builders & CMS

In building websites and blogs, you may have a personal preference in the technology of choice to use. You may be restricted to a particular technique due to the requirements of your project. Whatever the case may be, we have experts in each of these website builders and content management systems.

You may prefer to use a system that gives you more control or another that leans more towards security. No matter the software or framework, our experts at Hiring hours are more than capable of handling the tasks you assign to them. You define your project, get bids, pick up from there, and your work gets done. It’s that simple.

- Ecommerce

Online trading or e-commerce, as it is commonly known is all that has to do with selling goods and services online. People no longer need to leave the comfort of their homes to go in search of the things they need to buy. They prefer to pay online and get it delivered.

Do you want to take your real business online and sell through the internet? Well, you are in luck because hiring hours has a wide range of e-commerce experts who are familiar with the process and do it every day. You post your project and, in a few days, your store is online, and you are good to go.

- Mobile Apps and Web

Research shows that businesses that have mobile applications have a higher chance of retaining their customers and having a quick and easy way to advertise new goods and services. Your app turns one-time customers into returning customers, taking your business further.

Do you need an online application to extend your business accessibility through multiple devices and truly go mobile? Hiring hours have an experienced pool of developers who will build your apps for use on various instruments and across all the platforms, making your business accessible to a broader range of clients. Post your requirements and get to begin on your project.

- Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are the core of software and are virtually irreplaceable. This is because of the options that running on a local environment affords and the limitations of cloud computing. Getting your applications to your client’s desktops and getting ahead of the competition is something that you can only do with exceptional design and documentation of your applications.

Hire the best developers and programmers on hiring hours today and begin the journey to having your copyrighted application as you see fit. You get to set the timeline, the budget, and you also have complete control over all deliverables. It does not get better than this.

- Support & IT

As an individual, agency or organization that deals with electrical devices and software, the need for IT services and support are endless. From getting help figuring out perplexing situations, debugging your system and getting familiar with your daily tools, you will always need the help of IT specialists and Support staff.

Hiring a permanent support staff can prove to be very costly. Why not outsource to hiring hours experts each time you need one of such services? Our IT specialists and support technicians are experts at what they do, and they are at your disposal, whenever you need them. You get rapid responses in case of an emergency from experts who offer immediate solutions.

- Chatbots

Chatbots are programs that communicate with people over the net, providing simple solutions to problems and responses to questions. It is now much more challenging to differentiate between a chatbot and a real person nowadays.

Hiring staff to communicate with your clients online can be pretty expensive, and redundant given that most at times, customer needs are pretty much by the book. If you have a support system that needs constant attention, you need not worry. We have developers who have experience making high-quality chatbots which will be almost impossible to detect. Make a request today and get your job done in record time.

- Data Analysis & Reports

Gathering data needed for research is often challenging. What is more, analyzing the data and representing it in a way that speaks to a common man on the street is often even more challenging. It plays a vital role in whether your research ends up with accurate results or not. On this note, data analysis and reporting is a crucial step in your research project; which is why you should prefer a professional to handle this stage of the job.

We have a lot of data analysts who have many years of experience analyzing data from various niches of study, which will enable them to perform the job quickly and efficiently.

- Convert Files Databases

Data powers this new age of technology. It also is the most valuable asset of every person involved in the use of technology for work. It is often a challenge when attempting to link up different systems with your current database which cannot read the database because it uses different standards.

In such a case, the only solution is to convert the database files into the appropriate database type before you use it in your projects. Processing the data on your own can lead to data corruption if you make mistakes or lead to fatal errors crashing the new system.

Use the services of our experts at Hiring hours, and save yourself the stress of unreliable applications.

- User Testing

Developing an app is an exciting process. It is usual to overlook specific faults and bugs which are in the system during development, and such errors can lie dormant and arise when your customers begin to use the application. Failure to do appropriate testing, therefore, will prove to be fatal if it is a commercial product in a competitive market.

Testing of apps must, therefore, be done rigorously and in-depth. Every aspect of such an app needs testing to ensure that it is without bugs and is practically functional and public-ready.

We have experienced testers who will test your applications and give you comprehensive and in-depth reviews to its errors and excellent points.

  6. Business 

Let’s help you stay relevant, productive and profitable in the business world.

There is undoubtedly an extensive range of sectors related to the business world. But we can assure you that every single area and the services related to it are covered by hundreds of freelancers who have expertise in every domain associated to business and the skills to make things work in your favour. On Hiring Hours, we have every single area covered for you. Just state your demands, and you will have a vast supply of services that more than meet your expectations. Since your business is always your passion, we allow you to outsource minor or significant tasks so that you can focus on whatever part of the company you are best at handling. 

Just take a few steps, and you could have all the necessary tools to start your business off on an excellent footing. Whether you require the services of a virtual assistant, an experienced financial consultant or someone to take care of all your advertising needs, you can get it, whenever or wherever. Our Sellers can also create custom orders to meet your specifications for slightly higher amounts. Just message the seller with your requirements.  

- Virtual Assistant 

On Hiring Hours, you can get people to carry out a wide range of administrative tasks, from answering emails or making travel arrangements to scheduling meetings. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of simple but critical tasks for the growth and stability of your business. Our community of virtual assistants are great at planning and strategizing, prioritizing revenue genus on operating tasks, effective communicators, committed to personal and professional development with excellent sales skills. 

Hiring a virtual assistant for daily business tasks like data entry and web research saves time and money and helps you focus on the more essential issues of your business. Find amazing freelance virtual assistants on Hiring Hours.  


- Market Research

 Every successful business uses data intelligently gathered by experts in market research and analysis. It is much better when data from research backs your ideas and plans. Are you after targeted market research data for your business or just someone to carry out some online research? Let our freelance experts help you gather the information you need. Use specific marketing tools to such as discussions, questionnaires, and messaging to reach a wider audience of your current and potential customers. You can also easily have someone help reduce the time it takes to reach your customers or investigate changes in the present and future needs and expectations of your clients. Want to find out what specific areas of your business are posing problems or what advantages you may have or need to withstand competition? you can get all that and more with the help of our market research sellers

- Business Plans 

Business plans are vital and strategic, especially for entrepreneurs. A good one will help you successfully go through the specific steps required to make business ideas thrive. Use a professionally done business plan to help run the vision of your company concisely. 

You have a higher chance at succeeding when you make use of a good business plan for a manufacturing, sales and other decisions. Hiring Hours can be part of your success story by helping you build the right foundation with a professionally drawn business plan. With a few bucks, let us connect you with people who have all the tools and skills needed to run your business smoothly and successfully. Just message the seller with your requirements.

- Branding Services

At Hiring Hours, we have all your branding needs covered. Whatever you need, from logo design to business cards, website development or video intros, let us help you make a great impression and ensure your brand identity makes a difference with professional branding services. With such branding services, you can set the pace in your industry or determine what customers expect from your company. Our experts at branding will cover every available area of branding. Advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, logo and a host of others. It takes time and effort to build a successful brand and realizing that you may not have enough time to put in the effort, we have freelancers always waiting to help.

- Legal Consulting 

It usually takes a lot of time and effort to build something worth protecting. Protect all you've laboured for with legal research & online consulting. Make sure you are going to get the best deal possible. It could be overwhelming to face specific legal issues, and just one slip could lead to devastating effects. We have some of the best legal minds on hiring Hour

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We all know that writing diplomas or term papers is very difficult. Often there is no time for this. We are a team of professionals. We will always help you with this.

We all know that writing diplomas or term papers is very difficult. Often there is no time for this. We are a team of professionals. We will always help you with this., Fastest Growing Classifieds Marketplace, #1 Free Classifieds Marketplace
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