Family Nurse Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioner

I would like to apply for a program of Family Nurse Practitioner. In my life, I have spent too much time in a medical sphere. During this period, I have understood the importance of being a doctor and knowing how to treat people. It had helped me numerous times in extraordinary force majeure situations. I have just graduated from the College of Medicine in my state. Therefore, I would love to continue my studying in this field.

In the brief course of my studying, I have been seen as a devoted worker, a fast learner, and an ambitious student. I suppose that I am a relevant person for the position I apply for as I have obtained an invaluable experience being a part of a team, purely caring for each patient, and facing obstacles and challenges. My competence in helping people with bad health conditions has brought me great enjoyment. Few months before, I have worked as a GP’s apprentice in a local hospital mixing it with the studying at the university. I am sure I have abilities to successfully communicate and recognize the ground of a client’s visit. However, I am still in need of theoretical basis.

In my view, a medical personnel bears responsibility for improving peoples’ well-being and increasing their life expectancy. Sometimes a doctor can play a crucial role in saving person’s life. People who get through serious illnesses, such as cancer, mostly owe their recovery to those who have treated them, whose medical competence and devotion are crucial for their treatment. Such role of a doctor I see in society. Moreover, they implement humanitarian and altruistic work being a volunteer or an apprentice on missions, etc. This is what I have done in a short period of time. This experience helped me understand my role in medicine.

Continuing the study would be a magnificent opportunity for me to get to know more. Having worked tough on self-advancement, I am apt to work with functions and burdens I have never referred to, which is of main priority in the medical sphere. I am not only motivated and determined, disciplined and open-minded. Also, I have exceptional managerial skills, competence to counter, and substantial medical background.

I am assured to seek an aspect in which I could help clients support their quality of life and general well-being. I am inclined that my abilities and wide skills will help me come to the aim. These are some of them:

· Deep theoretical insight in medical industry

· Excellent administrative skills

· Advanced communication skills

· Wide medical education

· Ability to perform numerous areas of medical care

Having obtained this experience during a part-time job, as mentioned below, I have learned how exam clients’ cases, maintain client records, order diagnostic procedures and laboratory tests, and document medical histories of patients. Though it is a theoretical basis, which can be learned in any department, I still would be pleased to continue my studying to become an advanced professional in my sphere. I have set some goals for my future. For instance, planning health care programs is top one in my to-learn list. The next goal is evaluating clients’ physical and mental health. Then comes providing pre-natal and post-natal care. The last but not least thing is prescribing treatments and medicines, which is of utmost importance for Family Nurse Practitioner.

Thus, I would like to be considered as a candidate for the program of Family Nurse Practitioner as I feel this is the way I want to follow.

The essay was published by the professional writer - Milly Jones.

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