Use Your Truck to Clean Up Your Neighborhood


When you live in a neighborhood sometimes you will find people leave trash lying around or dump things that makes the neighborhood look bad. You can fix this problem by using your truck to clean up the area. It really is not that hard to do. You can either do it yourself or ask your neighbors to help out. If you ask your neighbors to help our you can create a day that will get everyone out and involved in the clean up process.


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One of the things you will need to do to get the neighborhood cleaned up is to look around and make sure there are things that need to be cleaned up. When you see that there is a problem and you want to fix it, simply start from there. Make up fliers to pass around with the information on what day you want everyone one to come out and help you clean up the area. Put on the fliers what exactly needs to be done and what you will be doing on that day. I would also include why you are cleaning that specific area. There may be a big area that needs to be cleaned up but you only want to choose one area at a time and start there, for example a playground.


Once you have sent out the fliers,you will want to start to get supplies. You will need things like, shovels, rakes, gloves and trash bags for everyone to use. If you supply the items then more people might be willing to show up and help clean up the area. One of the best things to use for cleaning up an area in a neighborhood are trucks. By using a truck, you will have room for all the trash, big branches or things that are rusted and need to be hauled off so the kids do not get hurt on them while they play. A truck can be very useful during a neighborhood clean up because of all the things that can be done with it during the clean up.


Make sure you stay enthused about the project so you can help everyone else stay involved in the project to make their neighborhood a better place. If you lose your willingness to want to do the project others will follow suit and the project will not get done. Provide snacks and drinks so when people get tired or thirsty they can take a quick break and refresh themselves then continue on to working on the project at hand. Maybe even play some music to keep people lively and moving about.


Pair off into groups and assign each group a job to do. Like, one group is in charge of picking up all the trash, another group is in charge of raking the leaves and so on. Make sure you put someone in charge of bringing the truck to haul off everything in. I can not stress enough how important it is to bring a truck to a neighborhood clean up session, they are so useful and versatile.


Take pictures of the before and after so people can see the progress that has been made. If they can see exactly what they have done and the difference they have made they may want to continue on to a different area of the neighborhood. As long as you have supplies and the willingness of people and help, you will want to continue on cleaning once a month to keep your neighborhood clean and neat for everyone to enjoy. Once everyone is done make sure to thank everyone for coming out and helping and encourage them to come next time also.


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