Agile Software Development and its Main Features
Agile Software Development and its Main Features

Agile is an iterative technique of project management, especially for software development. Small segments of tasks and frequent assessments of plans characterize the agile methodology. Agile methods approve product development teams to adapt and execute working practices, according to the requirements of distinctive products. Practically by implementing numerous tools, these methods can be modified. The combined efforts of self-regulating and multi-functional developing teams with customers evolve the solutions. 

Features of Agile Software Development

Incremental and evolutionary

Agile sprints last typically for a short period of about one to four weeks.  The developing team performs various functions such as organizing, coding, analyzing and retesting every task. After completion of the iterations, the team shows a product to the stakeholders. It reduces allover risk and the modification of the product becomes easier, according to the requirements. While releasing a product or a new feature, several iterations are needed as one iteration is inadequate. Each team has a product owner who is the representative of all the shareholders. He is also the spokesperson who talks on behalf of the stakeholders and discusses the queries raised by them with the team. 

Structured and close communication

The team associates are located close together to enable better communication. It also allows face-to-face contact with all the workers. Every team must entail a customer spokesperson, regardless of the development method followed. The spokesperson asks questions and interacts with the team on behalf of the customers. Once the iteration comes to an end, they review the development and reassess the preferences to optimize the return on investment (ROI) and ensure the credibility of customers. 

In agile development, a large physical display is placed mostly near the team so that the passers-by may get a view of the product development.  

Short feedback cycle

The most ordinary aspect of agile software development is the regular stand-up meeting. This meeting is a brief session in which team members give an account of the development work they did the previous day and the progress the team is making to achieve the organizational goals. They discuss the work they expect to do today and demonstrate any obstructions they predict in their goals.

Focus on quality

Every organization has an aim to achieve the best quality in their products. Thus, the development team also uses specific tools and strategies to upgrade the quality and intensify commodity development agility. 


 12 Agile software development principles

  1. Ensuring satisfaction of customers

  2. Always welcome quick changes as per requirements

  3. Deliver software as early as possible (within weeks)

  4. Coordination and cooperation between the team members and business people

  5. Developers are motivated and should be trusted

  6. Face-to-face communication is important and the best

  7. A fine working software indicates better progress

  8. Sustainable development

  9. Technical excellence and perfect design should be achieved constantly

  10.  Simplicity is essential and should be maintained

  11.  Best designs and software emerge from an organized and multi-functional team

  12.  The team must reflect upon the work and the progress 


An Agile development course offers students to gain knowledge about how software is developed using agile methodology and how organizational goals can be achieved with the timely completion of iterations. To avail the students to get these benefits, we are offering an Agile Software Development course and invite the students to participate in the course.

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