Shocking Facts About Prescription Drugs
Shocking Facts About Prescription Drugs

Dangerous prescription drugs that come with economic and clinical costs have unwanted effects that can even lead to emergencies, routine hospital visits, and extended stays. In simple words, they can be lethal. In a few cases, they work as addiction pills when consumed inappropriately with alcohol and relevant drugs or either taking a higher dosage. 


More than 4 million Americans visit local physicians or emergency centers every year to treat side effects encountered from these dangerous prescription drugs. And more than half of Americans are consuming at least a single drug, and every one in six adults is taking more than three prescribed drugs.


Before we move onto the facts that link with these addiction pills, it is essential to know that the first thing is to be informed if someone is experiencing the same. So, here are the facts behind dangerous prescription drugs that are common. 


Addiction pills are easily available

Well, most of the studies depict that every third human being believes that drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin are easy to obtain. People find these powerful drugs easily, and that is the primary reason that drug abuse is still rising.


They are safe

Well, people believe that addiction pills are more reliable than illicit drugs as they are more active, and always a prescription is required to consume them. But the truth is that when drug abuse occurs, they can be dangerous as illicit drugs. In the United States, more than half of the deaths comes only with these dangerous prescription drugs. Even in the last decade, the number of fatalities has increased fiercely.


They come with a high cost

Every year billions of dollars are spent to combat the abuse and overdose of these addiction pills. Even the conservative estimates show that ten years back, the hefty price tag is $55 billion and is still rising. And it is found that drug abusers are using these medical services at a higher rate as compared to the ones who are not using.


It acts as a gateway to relevant substances

As per a study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), it shows that the use of pertinent other drugs substances is already leading to high drug abuse. The findings depict that the people who are victims of these addiction pills are likely to consume alcohol two times more, marijuana is five times more, and cocaine twenty times more than addiction pills. 


Certainly, dangerous prescription drugs are everywhere in the United States. Though the efforts are still in progress to curb the same issue, it will take a lot of time. To conquer this battle of addiction pills, remember that it starts from our own home and by following useful measures to stay away from these pills as much as we can because, in the end, they lead to drug abuse among both teenagers and adults. 


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