What Are The Interesting Myths About Kidney Disease?

What Are The Interesting Myths About Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is the unhealthy state of your kidneys when they are not able to execute their functions, as they usually do for your body. There are several Interesting Myths about Kidney Disease that are we are going to discuss further in this blog.

Myth number 1 – Kidney disease is a rare health condition.

There is a myth that usually people think that kidney disease is a rare condition. You may be shocked by the fact that approximately 850 million people worldwide are experiencing kidney problems. Having high blood pressure, diabetes, and a family history of kidney failure are some of the risk factors of having a kidney disorder.

Myth number 2 – You will get to know if you have kidney disease without consulting from a specialized doctor

Unfortunately, most people with kidney disease don’t know about the present condition of their health. Your kidneys are highly adaptive in nature, therefore they compensate for the loss of functions in the initial stages. Symptoms of this disorder may not appear until this disorder reaches the advanced stage.

The best way to find out the occurrence of kidney disease is to get tested. Once you are diagnosed with this disorder, then you can take many steps to reduce the progression of the disease.

Myth number 3 – Diagnosis for kidney disease is a long and costly procedure

Testing for the kidney patient is too simple and easy. These two simple and tests that are needed to be performed for the diagnosis of this health condition.

A simple urine test is performed to check the presence of protein and red blood cells in your urine. If these elements found in your urine, then it will signalize kidney disorder.

Simple blood tests are used to determine the eGFR or estimate the glomerular filtration rate. Your GFR tells you how well your kidneys are working.

Myth number 4 – There is no preventive measure if you are at risk for kidney disease.

Not everyone is at risk of having the renal disorder. Those who have high blood pressure and aged over 60 years are at higher risk of having kidney disease. You can prevent your kidneys from being further damaged by eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and controlling your blood pressure and high blood glucose level. You have to avoid pain killer medicines like ibuprofen. You also have to quit smoking and maintain your body weight. All these steps will definitely help your kidneys to stay healthy and lessen your chances of getting kidney disease.

Myth number 5 – Unknown causes of kidney disease.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common cause of having kidney disease. Both are responsible for the damage caused to the tiny blood vessels of your kidneys. There are several reasons that can harm your kidneys. Those are:

• Heart disorders
• Glomerulonephritis, a disease that causes inflammation in your kidneys
• Genetic disorders like polycystic kidney disorder
• Certain medicines and medical conditions can cause severe damage to your kidneys.

Myth number 6 – The ultimate treatments for kidney disease are dialysis and kidney transplant

Not everyone with kidney disorder needs dialysis or kidney transplant treatment. Ayurveda is the better option that can help your kidneys to perform as they usually do for their body. It is not a permanent state for your kidneys. If this disorder is diagnosed in the initial stage, then it is usually managed with exercise, diet, and medications. With the change in your daily lifestyle and opting for Ayurvedic treatment, you can rejuvenate your kidneys fluently. Generally, doctors prescribed dialysis or kidney transplant when your kidneys are damaged completely.

Kidney Expert provides better treatment than any allopathy medications for your kidneys. They also prove that these interesting myths about Kidney Disease are baseless. They are rendering their services to kidney patients since 1937, intending to stop kidney dialysis.

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