Recreating Online Dating

By Brenda

Dating as anyone would admit has changed significantly from the time when no existed to the now ubiquitous network of online connections.

From a simple push or press to turn on your computer, mouse or finger slide to focus a pointer, clicks and types, we could be one step closer to meeting a friend, a date, future wife or just a fling connection.

Thousands of dating sites now operate online from the nerdy to the freakish and somewhere in between you have those who are seriously looking for a relationship.

Every site now struggles for a niche of its own, but known has been able to replicate a real life scenario where dating is not something abstract that requires abstract tools to enable it. Perhaps one of the things many feel a little disconnected with online dating is that the person on the other side could be as young as 8 and as old as 70 and sometimes there is no way to tell the difference.

Yes, no way because nowadays, you can't tell a 70 from an 8yr old when a 70yr gets on a computer. The computer is this incomprehensible thing which reduces into the smallest denominator when its comes to dating. On it everyone becomes naughty and kids tend to be apparently more mature. Quite often than not,you hear of cases where a mature lady spends so much time chatting with someone for it to turn out she was only chatting with a teen that was looking for an online amusement.

There are tons of softwares and online sites that claim to provide the best and most impressive match making solution. This has yet to instill confidence in people who have been wary about online dating.

Here we bring a wholesome and mature website, that is not dedicated to online dating. For many people who go out to work daily, or to school and lead a busy life, sometimes it is hard to find that individual that nicely compliments you.

Whenever someone does come across that person, it is hardly because there spent countless hours searching and showing up at concerts or events just to pick up a date. It often comes naturally. You get acquainted with someone, like how witty there are, their lifestyle and a lot more. It is all personal and every individual is different and has got varied preferences.

In the online scenario,when you do land on a dating site, several things come to mind immediately. You could quickly judge the other person on something that could be a mere computer technical error and nothing of their making or judge someone who is just curiously browsing through the site. It is definitely hard to tell what someone at an unknown destination, and somewhere on the net is thinking when all you can use to construct their thoughts is the keyboard you find in front of you and the few words exchanged. It is hard to build love that way.

Fonolive has not attempted to mimic the daily happenings and experiences, but provide a seamless medium through which these could be shared. You could know about the life of others through the postings they make on Fonolive, their blog writings could give you an idea of the things they care about and would like to share with others, their friends and more give you an insight to their personality.

This way you get romantically connected not through wishful thinking, but through established words and relationships that easily connect the lifestyle of an individual. There is less pressure to have an instant relationship,but more emphasis on things that are factual and discernible that immediately tell you if your relationship can withstand the test of time. Good luck finding your dearest!!

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