How SMO (Search Media Optimization) has changed the whole world of marketing?

How SMO (Search Media Optimization) has changed the whole world of marketing?

Marketing is now not at all about word of mouth publicizing about a product or service, actually the whole methodology of marketing has transformed since past a decade and the change is for the good. Each and everything is now present online ubiquitously has made it easier as well as hard enough for the companies to market their product or service at the same time. As now the companies find no need to search for a way to how to present their product or service in front of people but due to this it has built up a cut throat competition among all the companies. Those times are gone when there used to be only 2-3 companies or brands forefront in any commodity and there were so many commodities, product or service where the market was monopolistic. The time has totally changed and now companies have to be on alert mode in their marketing game as once they get lose, it will not take much time for any other company to take charge.

Search Media Optimization has helped to accomplish such a fresh and improved experience of marketing by making the use of really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, video and photo sharing, blogging and social news buttons. Though SMO and SEO both come under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing but yet quite different from each other. Apart from driving traffic towards a particular site, SMO also simultaneously helps in improving the search ranking. The agenda of SMO is to drive traffic to a particular website or page by not even spending money on search engine advertising. In fact, it uses the platforms of the already existing social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Hub pages etc. for serving the purpose driving the attention of the social media active users to the desired website.

How can integrating call centers with digital marketing will make it more productive?

You might be thinking that what is the use of call centers in the field of digital marketing. Actually the best partnership between marketing and call center teams can bring new levels of productivity. To understand this let’s take a scenario wherein a customer likes your product or service description presented through ads on social media channel but wants to get more knowledge and descriptions on the product. Here comes the role of the call centers in marketing. These call centers can be located locally or can be outsourced like call centers India.

But a very cordial consociation is vital for a good number of conversions. For this the marketing team should share each and every single and intricate details regarding the product or the service so that customers calling should get a good calling experience and finds the details present online in consistent with their marketing. The call centers India are best in the business and are known to grab all the immediate opportunities to cater the best results. The marketing team should share the details of the business content for the trustworthy and transparent relation that would ultimately act in the welfare of the company.

Now for successful implementation of call center services into marketing, some factors should be kept in mind that are number of abandoned calls, hold time and average call duration. The more the number of calls handled, more is the number of potential customers so the hold time as well as average call duration should be as minimum as possible.

How SMO additionally helps in directing valuable traffic?

Here are some benefits of SMO that goes unnoticed-

  1. Spreading brand awareness on a larger scale- These social media sites are home to millions of audiences and exposure to such a vast range of potential customers and thus increasing the online visibility. By using influential pages or people present on these platforms gives a good opportunity for the promotion of your product or service. Also their influence is more impactful and long lived among their followers as they follow them religiously.
  2. Inbound linking helps in improving your website’s online presence- Inbound linking is basically constructing links.Creating inbound links on your online content or blogs will lead back to your own website and by doing this will improve your online presence.
  3. Bookmarking and tagging is in itself a revolution – bookmarking and tagging is a content feature for example “Add to Facebook” that can be appended additionally to your home page for popular bookmarking sites.
  4. SMO provides the best way to share updates – These famous social media sites are the best platforms for launching your new product or any upgradations with minimal costs incurred.
  5. SMO is the best tool to keep a record of the competition- Social media shows you the actual picture of the level of competition and the current. You can keep a good watch on the recent updates or launches of your competitors through their online.

Apart from all these mainstream advantages, it is highly economical and saves time as well as money which was been wasted either ways. So it can be doubtlessly said that SMO is the solution for marketing in the new age. 

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