How Single-Tasking Can Reduce Stress During the Holidays
How Single-Tasking Can Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Multi-tasking doesn’t mean you can plan out the weekends and festive seasons effectively. Only if you do one job at a time, you can reduce stress during the holidays and give you heart and soul to every moment.  

Everyone waits for holidays and for all the fun and bliss it brings along avidly. Such breaks from the mundane school and work-life are assumed to help people rejuvenate their exhausted energy. Yet for some reason, they aren’t so much helpful for the adults who have to host the holiday gatherings. Although kids might find it amusing to spend a day or more running around the home, playing games with siblings, and enjoying the juicy and delicious barbeque meal with the family, friends, and relatives, adults feel exactly opposite. Weekends and festive offs often engross the host in the whirlwind of gift-giving festivals, marketing blitz, parties, and activities galore. While it should be a cheerful and loving season, it ends up giving the blues to some people. In many cases, holiday depression and stress appear to be the result of multi-tasking.

However, everyone would praise the host for his or her multitasking skill, no one would get an insight into the fact of how tiring and tedious it gets when they do so many things at a time. Single-tasking, on the other hand, despite being a time-consuming strategy, is so relieving and relaxing. The truth is, when we try to suffice the expectation of everyone during a holiday gathering, we accomplish multiple tasks at a time but with low effectivity and productivity. And when we do single-tasking, we enjoy being around our loved ones, besides, completing all the tasks efficiently. So, here’s a guide for multitaskers to single-tasking every weekend or festive season preparation.

1- Map out all the tasks that you need to cover and embark on them one by one without going hard on yourself.

2- Rid all the distractions, including your mobile phones and the internet for the time being and achieve the peace of mind you always desired.

Single-tasking savors a lot of time and effort and offers an opportunity to rejoice at the moment. Moreover, it promotes creativity. Since people aren’t stressed this way and in fact, feel extremely energetic with less work to deal with, they are driven by their creative insights and come up with out of the box ideas to make their vacations more happening and memorable. It’s tough to be fully present in the moment when someone has so much on his or her plate. But single-tasking makes every alleviating. People get time to engage and communicate with their loved ones and sort out their disagreements with people whom they love and care about. Sometimes, the reason for depression and stress lies in such discords in the relationships but sure this isn’t a matter of conflict anymore.

Embracing the leisure time and bonds should be the prior concern of everyone during the holidays. Yet many falls in the trap of inevitable workload and so the physical, financial, and emotional stress during the holidays. Assigning the tasks to each member of the family is one way out but nothing much kids can help their parents with. So, in such cases, adults are left with nothing but two options either multi-tasking everything alone or sharing a task or two with others and single-tasking the remaining jobs alone. Anyhow, it is better for their emotional and physical health, mood, productivity, and all-around sanity.

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