Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays

Persuasive essays are basically the type of essay which is more credible as compared to others, and this is because they are based on factual information, as a person states its ideas based on different statements and quotations which are way much credible as compared to the others. Hence allowing other to agree with your point of view, as you are not assuming things in your persuasive essay, you are actually convincing them by giving the reasons as well as examples, and for this reason such type of essays are known as persuasive essays.


Following are some of the steps that need to be taken when it comes to planning a persuasive essay.

Planning a persuasive essay

- Choosing your side

The very first thing that you need to do when writing a persuasive essay is choosing your side, and that to which side you belong, whether you are in for it or against it, so that you can start getting information over it accordingly. It is in your best interest that you take the decision of choosing sides after you are done with gathering all the information, as you will know than which is a stronger side to go with.

- Knowing the purpose of your essay

The next thing that you need to do is to know the real purpose of your essay that why you are writing it down, and how could it be effective in front of the listeners. It doesn’t matter if it’s an admission essay or just research work. You should also make an essay map. If you don`t know what is an essay map? This is a way to literally outline your essay; basically your essay plan. This will help you plan your essay, which will greatly facilitate writing.

Essay structure

You should also make an essay map to make writing easier. You can ask - what is an essay map, let me tell you. This is a way to literally outline your essay; basically your essay plan. This will help you plan your essay, which will greatly facilitate writing.

- Analyzing the audience

Assume and analyze your audience and think whether how many people would be on your side and how many of them will be neutral or against your beliefs, and know what you have to do is to move the neutral audience so that they can agree with your point, while you also have to try and convince the negative as well!

- Topic research

Before you start writing your persuasive essay it is really very important that you have researched the topic in depth with full analysis, so that you would know each and everything about the topic, hence it would help you to define each and every section completely and without any problem. However in order to achieve all that, you might also need to meet the professionals of that field in order to get an in depth knowledge over the subject.

Between juggling homework, family and some sort of social life, it can be next to impossible to get all your work done and completed on-time.

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