What is your good excuse for not playing sports?
What is your good excuse for not playing sports?

Since I was little, I associate the month of September with the return, certainly, but also the resumption of the sport and a whole lot of activities. Today I must admit that I do a little all year but I also know that for some people it's time to get started. Except that many are still a lot of reasons (good or bad, it's up to you) to push back this fateful step and always end up finding a good excuse not to play sports. So I decided to list a lot of excuses for not doing sports that ... are out of the ordinary!


You'll quickly understand that we must take this article with a touch of humor and a second degree because in reality there are a thousand and one good reasons to play sports! And face the (bad) excuses that can be heard sometimes, I hope that this 먹튀검증 will convince you and push you to (finally) put you to the sport!


Playing sports makes you too happy

But if you ever change your mind, know that thanks to all the hormones that physical activity spreads in our body, each session of sport puts us in a state of happiness and indescribable relaxation. And even when you feel bad and tired before, the sport really has the power to change our state of mind completely! If you want to discover more, I advise you to read this article on the benefits of sport on our happiness.


Playing sports allows you to eat more

Or are you like 95% of people and you still have a largeweak child for food. Thanks to the sport you can eat more without fattening and while toning. First of all because playing sports makes you hungry because the more your muscles grow, the more they need energy. And especially because you spend a lot more calories and so we have to compensate for all that! To you good food and farewell guilt!


Playing sports can take time for yourself

Farewell subway, work, sleep, children, cooking and company. By doing a sporting activity, you offer yourself a moment for yourself, to breathe, to forget the worries of everyday life and come home with your head emptied and attack again to continue! Playing sports is not just spending an hour torturing and sweating, it is enjoying a space-time to take care of his body as his head and it is priceless.


Sports make you sweat and eliminate toxins

I know that this excuse for not doing sport might seem acceptable ... except that no no no and on the contrary! Even if it's not very glamorous (but should we really be?), sweating is a mechanism full of benefits and extremely important! By playing sports, our sweat allows us to eliminate waste, toxins, and other not very useful particles that accumulate deep within us. And with our hyper stressed lifestyle and our industrialized diet, it will do you the greatest good!


To play sports is to surpass oneself

But if you still want a small dose of satisfaction and personal pride (because let's be honest, it's always good) well dark! To play sports is to surpass oneself, to go to the limit and to cross them. Thanks to sport it is possible to do things that we did not think were possible. We have so many resources and capacities in us that we do not always see but unveil in a good session. And what it feels good to feel so proud of yourself.


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