What is table tennis? How to follow table tennis techniques?
What is table tennis? How to follow table tennis techniques?

Currently, in the world there is a lot of sports: football, tennis, volleyball, swimming, baseball, among many others that exist. Although one of the most demanded is table tennis, however, some wondered what is table tennis? Despite being such a famous sport and played in the world, there are still people who are unaware of this fantastic sport.

What is table tennis?

Table tennis is a sport like everyone else, unlike this is an adaptation of conventional tennis. In table tennis you play on a flat horizontal surface divided by a net, 토토사이트 said the surface is a table; in it, they can play one against one or two against two. 

The players have gradually developed techniques and skills to have a better performance on the playing surface. This sport is also an Olympic game since Seoul 1988, which was when table tennis officially debuted in the Olympic games.

Table tennis techniques

Over the years, many players developed their own style of play in which they leave a legacy to the new generations who wish to practice it professionally or as a hobby. Whatever the case, practicing players can learn various techniques to perform better. After knowing what is table tennis? Now it's time to know what are the most used techniques for good performance.

The main thing is that the person should exercise regularly to develop the resistance that table tennis demands so much.

The following is to begin to develop good coordination between the eye and the hand, this is of vital importance to be able to have good performance.

For eye-hand coordination, it is recommended to have a partner with whom to practice serving and returning balls on the playing surface, do these for 20 minutes every day and little by little the player will respond faster to faster games.

For the development of eye-hand coordination, the racket can be grabbed in two ways: European dam and Asian dam.

European Dam: It consists of grabbing the racket as if it were a handshake. This grip is perfect for the return and defense of the game.

Asian Dam: Consists of taking the racket as if it were a pencil. This grip is good for the attack because of the effects that can be printed on the ball and releases a lot of pressure retained on the wrist.

At the time of a game, the knees should be bent and the body should be slightly tilted forward.

In addition, the feet must be aligned with the shoulder spacing.

The racket must be aligned with the playing surface, off the table and in front of the body.

In what year was table tennis invented?

The beginnings of table tennis are somewhat unknown; However, it is estimated that its creation happened in the nineteenth century, approximately in the year 1870 in a tennis club in England, which due to weather problems could not play outside.

Then it is estimated that they decided to take a pool table or that of a dining room, put a small net that envied the surface of the table, supported by small posts. Their rackets were then bats, pallets or anything that could help them hit the ball, like their tennis rackets. Then the sport was evolving being accepted as an Olympic sport in 1977 and played as an Olympic sport in 1988.

Table Tenis Basic Rules

Table tennis, like other sports, evolves over the years. Every day more people join the professional practice of table tennis, others simply do it for the hobby. Whatever the case, both must comply with the Table Tennis Rules created by the International Table Tennis Federation.

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