What is the Rules of ice skating?
What is the Rules of ice skating?

In order to carry out any type of sports discipline, it is important to comply with certain rules, ice skating does not escape those rules that must be kept in mind, in the competitions which are carried out and the type of competition 사설토토 which you are attending, for the Execution of ice skating The Skating Rules are clear in terms of age, nationality, and clothing to wear.

In terms of age, it is in competitions such as the Olympics, the minimum is 15 years and the maximum in lady is 19 years and in men 21 years, this does not happen in international competitions which decreases the age of 15 to 13 years at a minimum, these must be complied with, and under no circumstances can they be violated, so that in one way or another a competitor may be in said classification.

The nationality must be from the same country to which it represents, and if it is on behalf of another country that is not the one of origin, it must have been residing in that country for a fairly reasonable time and obtaining the nationality of the country which it is representing, This must be verified in your time.

The clothing must be in accordance with what you are representing in said event, can not be taken to any ice skating sports activity, any type of clothing that is in a provocative way and that can show most of the body that has to be covered , the use of any rhinestones and other types of brilliant should be in a well-cooked way to the fabric, since its detachment can lead to any type of failure or accident of those who are performing the execution of their routine.

The use of men's clothing must be sleeveless, in order to perform any type of maneuver in its execution, remembering that any breach of these Skating Rules may be sanctioned by the judges in the discount of their score, which affects from the beginning in the general score.

Roller skating rules

In the performance of roller skating it is necessary to take into account each and every one of the specifications that roller skating means, in terms of clothing, it is recommended and mandatory use suits that are made in lycra, what which can support their mobility in an effective way, both in the execution of skating pace and in the elaboration of any type of pirouette that the participant executes.

All safety equipment or implements should be used without any privileges in the execution of your routine or competition, the helmet, the knee pads, elbow pads and the use of protective lenses, these are necessary for all those who execute this type of activities on wheels, and especially when it is done in uncovered places and the participant may be at risk.

To be able to perform these competitions in different types of fields, such as a specific route which must have its demarcation and route, or in a circuit in a field in the same way must be marked and must comply with the necessary measures and away from an edge of the track on which the competition takes place.

Rules of speed skating

Running this type of routine requires a little more security, runs on skates that are linear, and that are more likely to occur any accident if not performed with necessary security, all safety equipment for handling The skates are necessary, under no circumstances, no competitor can go out to perform their speed routine without the necessary equipment, the use of the suit must be lycra which helps their process in speed and agility at the time of participating , this is due to aerodynamics.

The linear skates that you must use must be in a way that is well-conditioned in the material that is made, as well as its wheels, the boots must comply with specifications of being made of fiber and carbon material, and must be fixed to the Wheels that will be of vital importance that are safe, the tracks must also be safe and comply with the parameters established at the beginning and planning of the competition, this provides security to the competitor and those who accompany them in said event.

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