How To Spot And Purchase Authentic Castor Oil?

How To Spot And Purchase Authentic Castor Oil?

We all know that castor oil is super healthy for our skin and hair. This might make you include this oil in your daily regime. However, you should be able to differentiate authentic oil from bad quality oil. You may already know that there are different types of castor oil products. Each product comes with its own properties, benefits and uses. You can use these products to get rid of blemishes and repair damaged tissues. The oil also promotes the healthy growth of strong hair. Some castor oil products can provide relief from digestive problems such as constipation.

You can get these amazing benefits only and only when you are using an authentic product purchased from trusted wholesale castor oil suppliers. 

Now, let’s see the qualities of the best quality castor oil. 


You do not want to spend your money on anything that instead of serving its purpose, can cause some harm. A product with unwanted ingredients or full of fillers can actually leave unwanted, adverse effects. So, it is important to determine the purity of the oil. Pure castor oil contains no artificial ingredients. It is free from color enhancers, alcohol or fragrances. The oil must not contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate or any other toxic substance. These unwanted chemicals can cause skin dryness or irritation.     

USDA Certified Organic  

Organic means free from synthetic materials. Seeds pressed to obtain the oil must be grown in a natural environment. No fertilizers or growth enhancers must be used in plantations. However, is there any way you can ensure that organic ingredients are used in the oil? Look for the USDA certification seal. 


Unrefined oil does not undergo refinery. So, it does not lose any of its beneficial properties. Degumming, neutralization, and other sub-processes in the refinery can lessen the nourishing and healing potential of the oil. 

Cold pressed 

The cold pressed oil is obtained by pressing the seeds. Cold pressing method retains all the natural properties of the oil. As compared to other types of oil, cold pressed oil has the highest nutrient concentration.

Hexane Free

Hexane is a solvent used while extracting oil from castor seeds. This chemical can introduce impurities and affect the integrity of the castor oil. Sometimes, hexane remains in the oil even after oil processing. 

When you are out there to buy castor oil, keep these tips in mind. The purest and the best quality castor oil is safe and good for your health. 

How To Spot Authentic Castor Oil? 

Now you are familiar with the qualities of the oil, let’s assess the product itself. Here is how you can determine the authenticity of the castor oil: 

  • Check the label for product type and features. 

  • Visit the website of the brand to check the testimonials. 

  • You can browse review pages and read what people are saying about the product. 

  • Always buy castor oil from an authorized health store. 

  • Get a physical sample of the oil and check it for the texture. The best quality oil is thick and yellowish. 

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