A Research Proposal Format Must be Concise

A Research Proposal Format Must be Concise


The research proposal format should indicate all research details in brief

Students preparing for presentation of a research thesis or dissertation, must make a list of all the tasks, needed to carryout this project. Hence a research proposal format is required that will give brief details on the research methodology and the literature review with reference to the chosen topic. The format will give brief details on the research design and the analysis of the data collected from various research techniques as given in the methodology chapter of the full research paper.

Hence this format will be a bit different from the essay format that is used for the other types of essays like expository essay. Therefore, the following guidelines would help students to prepare a well-organized format for this purpose.

Description of the research paper

This will be an abstract, summary or an overview of the research paper that students are going to present. Therefore, the description should be just one or two pages, written in a manner, which any non-professional can also understand. While describing in a concise fashion, the research proposal format must give methods and techniques to be employed for the purpose of research. Students should explain the logic of the research goals and the methods employed for achieving the same, so that the reader is able to understand the reason behind conducting such research and presentation of a research project on the given topic.


The introduction portion of the format will have two parts. First, it will describe about the literature review with reference to the selected subject. While giving the background information on the research area for the particular topic, the information here should include the previous clinical or scientific research done on the subject along with the techniques used for doing the same, in the past.

While giving an outline for the research proposal, students can mention the headings and subheadings of the issues discussed in the literature review portion of this essay, which would comprise of about 15 pages. In this direction, students are advised to look at papers like argumentative essays or an essay outline or how to write a descriptive essay, which can help them to understand the importance of an outline page for the research proposal format.

The second part of the introduction would be the rationale about the problem that is being solved in the research paper. This would also include the research paper hypothesis, while briefly mentioning about the manner, which will be used to solve the problem and the analysis of the results thus obtained, with their potential significance and relevance for the future work on the subject.

Although there are many online research papers available for the students, it is advised that they go through other essays also to understand the importance of research for thesis or dissertation project.

Data interpretation & analysis

While relating the results with their hypothesis, students must propose a format for the results obtained. This will also include the comparison of these results with the previous studies, if any, on the same topic.

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