Prison Hidden Realities Of Ocean In Your Camera

Prison Hidden Realities Of Ocean In Your Camera

All of us have seen amazing pictures of the sea and wondered how to get such awesome shots of nature. Well, let us tell you taking pictures of the ocean are easier than most of us assume. See how below:

Wait For Clouds

Cloudy days are best to capture the ocean. Try to take a long exposure shot where you can capture the movement of clouds. Your picture will not be overexposed and clouds will make it a perfect shot.

Wide Angle Lens

This is not a must but it will give you a good advantage. Your photos will have more sense of depth if you have clicked them using a wide-angle lens. It makes the horizon look farther away and it captures more details than a normal lens. Wide angle pictures are most of the time turn out to be magical.

Rocky Beach

You may think it is absurd because every beach is beautiful and true. However, imagine a plain ocean versus a picture where there are several elements to look at. The patterns of the currents are the coolest thing about ocean photography and these are exacerbated by rocky structures.

Always be on a lookout for beaches with piers, rocks, or anything that facilitates the movement of water. Trust us, you’ll not be disappointed. You can add so much to the picture by using editing tools but make sure to keep it minimal otherwise your picture will lose the charm of originality.

Tripod Stand

We all know the beaches are windy and sandy. It is wise to use a tripod stand if you plan to get good quality pictures that are not blurred. You need to fix your tripod firmly in the sand to make sure it doesn’t trip over. Using your hands to take all photos is probably not smart because a slight shake can make picture blur and the entire effort is wasted. There is no point in taking this stupid risk when you know the alternative.


This is one thing that we absolutely about water bodies. They give cool reflections of everything be it a moon or a sun, be it rocks or boats, everything looks enchanted in the reflection. Capturing reflections with waves is not easy but when the right shot is taken no one can move their eyes away from it.

During Storm

If you want to capture the dramatic images of the sea you better do it during a storm. Sea storms have something about them that make them mysterious and fearful. This can be prisoned in camera so beautifully if a photographer has the right equipment and knows how to play with the camera settings.


Oceans are eternal love for most of the people and many of them visit them often but still, the charm never fades. Being a photographer you have a great chance to benefit out of this likeability of seas. If you want to learn more about ocean shots the what can be better than Sydney photography workshop since the city has one of the great beaches we know of.

Give people what they want but cannot always witness like seat in a storm, a reflection of a full moon, sun setting behind the waves. These all shots may sound cliché but no one can argue against their awesomeness.

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