Miracles and Testimony

Miracles and Testimony

Nowadays, people perceive miracles as something unreal and impossible to be made. The world and human nature have changed to a great extent and, nowadays, hardly anyone believes in all kinds of things, not only those relating to incredible events.

The following tendency takes place because the main arguments aimed at proving the existence of miracles fail to convince the population. One of the main books containing a huge amount of miracles is the Bible. Scientists and average people are prone to perceive religious faith and events described in the Bible a bit miraculous. Nonetheless, many people still suppose that religion is well supported by credentials of wonder-working events’ occurrence. Those events include a miraculous cure, after-death appearance, foreseeing the future, and other signs. A believer usually is not privileged to be a witness of such events. He takes his belief from different testimonies like Koran, Bible, or the National Enquirer, for instance.

Jesus walking on water can be counted as one of the most known miracles depicted in the Bible in which many people believe. Still, it appears to have served a great purpose. Jesus, apparently, bragged. He showed this miracle to his pupils in order to testify that they can make something only if they believe in themselves as his followers. This event most obviously was depicted to demonstrate human strength and ability to achieve everything that one wants. Thus, it was a magic trick because His feet were neither blotted nor wet.

According to Blackburn, human experience shows whether testimonies are eligible or not. No one would believe in the ability to walk on the water because one cannot do it himself. Thus, Blackburn argument is:

The very same principle of experience, which gives us a certain degree of assurance in the testimony of witnesses, gives us also, in this case, another degree of assurance against the fact, which they endeavour to establish; from which contradiction there necessarily arises a counterpoise, and mutual destruction of belief and authority.

At the same time, Blackburn proposes people to suppose that what is testified is approaching the miraculous and amazing things. Additionally, he attracts attention to the possibility of contrasting the facts and enabling the human imagination to analyze events. Clear consequences of those testimonies are worth the maximum attention. Therefore, people can ask whether Jesus really ran on water or not since his feet were not even wet.

According to Blackburn, it is not enough to only establish a miracle. Its testimony has to look convincing and surprising simultaneously. From the other side, it is not enough if a lie is more surprising than the fact is.

The author demonstrates mutual destruction of the arguments where the main one provides people with a suitable for that degree force arguments. It remains after the subordinate subtraction. To see this in the example, one can state, I have seen Jesus walking on water and had his feet dry. Blackburn would propose considering whether it is possible that this person deceives, is deceived or a fact that connects these two events could really happen. One miracle should be weighed against another. Considering the superiority found, one declares his decision to believe or not. The author proposes rejecting a bigger miracle.

It is usual for people to have something to believe in because everyday life is not so rich with miracles. When it goes to the Bible stories, people should take them into account as a possibility, not as a precise fact. For instance, a story about an amputated limb that grows back to normal gives an inspiration and belief that any problem can be overcome.

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