How To Install A TV Wall Mount?
How To Install A TV Wall Mount?

Mounting a TV on the wall has numerous benefits. It saves a lot of space and you can keep an appropriate distance from the screen. The TV is no longer accessible by the kids and pets and you will not have to worry about scratches.

TV wall mount adds a touch of luxury to your living space with its sleek look. TV mount installation is not rocket science but mistakes could result in heavy losses. Imagine that your kid is standing beneath a poorly installed TV and it comes down! You would want to avoid it at all costs.

Moreover, the fall could ruin your investment of hundreds of dollars. If you have never installed it nor want to do it, hire a "mount Tv on wall" service in Cumming GA.

For the learners, let's begin with the three types of wall mounts so that you choose the right one. 

3 Types Of Tv Wall Mounts

There are 3 three types of wall brackets each with its pros and cons. None of them is perfect for all scenarios so you need to assess very carefully.

1. Flat

Flat mounts are best to install TV at eye level. It lends itself to perfect fixed TV positions. It is cherished for its simple and easy installation.

2. Tilt

Tilt mounts provide flexibility in TV mounts. They are mostly installed above the eye level and adjustments could be made to angle the TV. Such mounts are appropriate to counteract sunlight, glare, and reflections.

Tilt wall mounts stick out of the walls slightly further than other wall mounts. Accessories can be adjusted behind the TV.

3. Turn

This wall bracket provides limitless freedom of movement for a better viewing experience. It is articulate wall mount ideal for corners. You can tilt, swivel or retract your TV up to 20o vertically and 180o horizontally. 

Once you have chosen mount as per your needs and preferences, the next thing is installation. The following are the steps followed by installation pros.

Step 1. Set Up The Location Of Mount

Measure the full size of your TV to allot the perfect place on the wall. Determine the size of the mount. An easy way is to install the brackets on the TV. Attach the wall mount with the bracket while you keep the assembly off the wall. Make the marks as someone holds the assembly on the wall. 

Step 2. Choose The Right Tools

After marking the right spot, gather the tools required for the job. You will need a measuring tape, levels, pencils, stud finders (in case of the drywall), drills, screwdrivers, and bits.

Step 3. Locate The Stud

TV mounts should be able to bear the weight of the TV and the brackets. You will need a reliable place to hang the TV frame. Look for the studs. A simple way is to find an outlet on the wall, move 16 inches over the outlet and you will get your hands on the stud. Stud finders are easily available and inexpensive.

Step 4. Hang The Mount

After finding the stud, hang the TV frame on it. If the stud work is too difficult for you, buy a drywall toggle. Put all the TV wires in place. It is suggested to read the manual for this step.

Step 5. Balance Your TV On The Mount

 Now is the time to mount your TV on the wall. You might recheck the balance until it is at a perfect angle.

If the process gets out of your hands, hire professionals for a TV wall mount installation in Cumming GA.

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