Why is it important to improve ejaculation?
Why is it important to improve ejaculation?

1. Testosterone level

Testosterone is the oven that influences everything that happens in the male body. Testosterone is responsible for maximizing muscle and hair growth. Also, to some extent, metabolism and longevity. Basically, testosterone defines our virility, and having a lack of it is the last thing that interests you as a man.


As for being a beast in bed, testosterone determines not only how good we are and how long we last, but also how often we feel like it, which is also called libido or sexual desire. An increase in testosterone leads to an increase in sexual desire, which will please your partner.


2. Semen Volume Determines Fertility

The amount of sperm you have in the body will determine your ability to make a baby with your partner. It can be said that this is a primary instinct, since in nature, showing evidence of fertility is considered an advantageous characteristic to perpetuate the species. Of course, women of antiquity probably chose to have offspring with men of superior fertility, and those who could not increase it were left without a partner, extinguishing their lineage.


A low sperm level will decrease your chances, even if your wife has optimal health. Knowing how to increase the volume and strength of ejaculation not only guarantees instant ego reinforcement, but also improves reproductive health. Here you can get more volume and strength of ejaculation from supplements for bigger load.


3. Your Woman Desires It

It's no secret that men want more sperm to come out of their pipes, but what about their partners? Women tend to be shy about these issues, but in fact some prefer more quantity to come out. It is a primary instinct in the sense that if so much goes out it is for pleasure because of them and only them. It's like telling them that you have enjoyed making love as much as they have.


Not to mention that some women prefer semen to taste better. This indicates that you take care of yourself and in most cases it makes you more attractive. So no, it's not just a porn thing, despite what many say.


4. Makes you look more manly

If you have had appointments with many girls, there have probably been incidents where you really couldn't get everything out, which disappointed you, your partner, or both. It goes without saying that men value quantity as much as quality, and that more ejaculation is always better.


5. It's like being young again

Remember when I was young and could ejaculate more often, even several times on the same day? When we were curious young people, no doubt we all spent time exploring our skills and what their limits were.


Knowing how to increase the volume of ejaculation and apply the method in your life can help you recover the rhythm.


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