Are You Qualifying For an O1 Visa?

Are You Qualifying For an O1 Visa?

Want to know if you’re qualifying for being an O1 Visa holder? 

In the following context, we will discuss the major scope of existing bases where a non-US resident or foreign national can consider and further unquestionably apply for the process of treasuring an O1 visa. Additionally, it might also help you greatly taking pleasure in the advantages of acquiring an O1 Visa by meeting the prescribed and designated requirements for it.

The O1 visa is granted to individuals with extraordinary ability visas which is equivalent to the EB 1-1 visa which is further subjected to granting them freedom and giving liberty to live, work and providing the applicants or petitioners the permanent residency of the United States of America.

A successful granting and proceeding of acquiring an O1 visa program certainly allows an immigrant who excels in their particular fields like; business, entertainment, education, athletics, and arts to that of sciences a carte blanche to exhibit and promote their talents in the country.

The O1 visa validity typically lasts up to 3 years with no-limits on its extensions, this can also result in being a gateway to the acquired status of “The Green Card Holder”. The extension also accordingly depends on the proof that the immigrant is needed in the country in order to continue his/her purpose of staying in the country.      


Types of O1 Visas


O1-A type Visa

O1-A type visa is designated for petitioners who proved their excellence, authority, and talents in academics, zoological or other science and technology-based fields.


O1B Type Visa

The O1B type visa is a non-US resident visa category that is provided and designated to foreign nationals with proof of their talents and excellence in professions relating to acting, music, and entertainment.

 The O1-B visa also provides the nod to people looking to enter the country for a short period of time for the purpose of attending some sort of occasion or a huge-event like, a wedding or seminar happening right in the premises of the United States of America.


 The O1 Visa Requirements and Qualification     

 In order to qualify for the O1visa program, the applicant has to consult with the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) to fill the I-129 petition form. In this petition, the petitioner or you can say beneficiary likewise has to provide the basic piece of evidence which majorly includes employment offer from the resident employer, merits certification, an employment agreement and a distinctive and written description of whatever distinction an applicant is going to do the moment when they will enter the great limits of our country of United States of America.

 Shortly, when your immigration lawyer will be finally done with submitting your evidence requirements and documentation with the USCIS (the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services) which processing often times takes up to 3 to 4 months on an average and additionally depends upon the designated service center which is examining and going through your submitted documentation


Required O1 Visa documents to get through the Processing


·        A passport-sized photograph that matches your visa petition. 

·        Acclaimed merit awards proof which supposed to show outstanding achievements in their distinctive works.

·        Some kind of published transcripts that verify the achievement.

·        Receipts of your petition form fee

·        Employer Recommendation letter

·        Your Interview Letter for O1 Visa  


Expedite Your O1 Visa with Premium Processing

If there’s a certain specific case, where a petitioner is looking to expedite or speed up their O1 visa processing time partially due to a range of possible reasons. 

Then, the petitioner should surely apply for USCIS expedite processing service where a designated fee of $1410 will get your O1 visa processing in a mere span of 15 days. Nevertheless, it will only happen if your immigration lawyer has done his/her job professionally or if the USCIS has made some approval progress with your submitted documentation.  


 Why should you hire an immigration lawyer for acquiring an O1 Visa?

 When an O1 visa aspiring foreign national or immigrant is looking to easily process their visa petition by the authority of the federal government of the United States of America. One should certainly look for a kind of professional immigrant lawyer who must know where you are to that point of where you want to get.



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