How to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency(PR) Visa

How to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency(PR) Visa

Migrating to Canada contains the sign of better living states, high standards of existence and personal growth. So, Canada has become one of the most classes after locating to settle in the world. Hence, more professionals are applying to Canada for PR status. The Permanent Residency Visa of Canada is valid for 5 years. Canadian Permanent Residents enjoy benefits, which are related to full residents it includes health compensations, open education, and safeguards against crime under the law. Your one-stop target for anything and everything associating to the Canada PR process from India! Let us begin discussing the Canada PR process and what is the most reliable way for Indians to apply to it.

Immigration to Canada is administered under the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada which is also called IRCC.For immigration to Canada central body that establishes the rules and guidelines. The immigration system has two main methods one is under Federal Express Entry programs and others through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Under both these programs, various pathways are given which can help achieve the Canadian Permanent Resident status. In the case of the Express Entry Program, it offers the freedom to settle anywhere in Canada, but PNP allows the applicant to live in that particular province whose PR status is received after the qualification has been reached.

For a PR visa, Some of the most popular means of applying by using three programs which are Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Family Sponsorship and so on. Each program is intended for different categories and varieties of immigrants which suggests that people all own a different but sometimes projecting process of application.
Also, before a PR status, certain criteria need to be satisfied is made strong. These vary with each nation. In Canada for Indians, it is a minimum visit of 2 years out of 5 failing which the PR status will be dismissed. So, before you can move to Canada it requires a great thought out plan.

Steps to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa in 2019 for Indians:

  • Education Credential Assessment.
  • Reports of IELTS Language Ability.
  • Express Entry Application needs to be submitted.
  • Receive your Comprehensive ranking score.
  • Develop your CRS Score
  • Apply for Provincial Nomination Program
  • Wait for Express Entry pool
  • Invitation to Apply(ITA) or Nomination Certificate
  • Documents Required for Immigration
  • Canada Permanent Resident Visa Card:

The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada publish a Permanent Residence Visa card to every person who meets the criteria of Canada PR needed to make them a resident of Canada. This Visa is evidence of the owners’ situation as a permanent citizen of Canada. In Canada, Once the person has survived for 3 years they are suitable for applying for Canadian citizenship. For 5 years the PR visa card will continue valid from the date of the issue after which it will have to be renewed. Also, this PR Visa holds benefits like:

  • Right of permanent residency anywhere in Canada
  • On the PR card, You can study and work everywhere in Canada
  • Sponsor eligible family members
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship (after becoming eligible)
  • No charge on income tax outside Canada
  • Entrance to subsidized education
  • Civil and Family security services
  • Unemployment wages
  • Security under Canadian regulation
  • Documents Required to apply for Canada PR Visa:

In order to successfully apply for Canada PR, the following documents you need to have from India:
Proof of Funds

  • Proof of English Proficiency
  • Health and character clearance certificate
  • Identity proof
  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • Skills Assessment

Canada PR Processing Time from India:

In the world, Canada is one of the most prominent immigration destinations. For Indians Canada, the Permanent Resident Visa process can be done between 6 to 9 months. Moreover, it takes time-based on your profile.

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