Partnership: the secrets of a good relationship
Partnership: the secrets of a good relationship

Are you in solid hands and looking forward to a partnership full of love and cohesion? Then you should be happy about it because a working relationship has many advantages and can even help your career. Before this is misunderstood, however, it should also be said that singles can, of course, be successful and even speak of some reasons for making the career rather alone. However, one fundamental aspect of the partnership cannot be balanced out: you do not have to face challenges and problems on your own, but you always have someone by your side whom you can rely on. How the partnership can affect job and career and what factors are particularly important to be there for the partner...

Partnership: the secrets of a good relationship

 Partnership: Together you are less alone

Who is in a partnership or remembers a past relationship, knows exactly: there are ups and downs. Quarrels are part of this and can hardly be avoided permanently. However, when you face the challenges of everyday life, careers, and life, the benefits generally outweigh the benefits. Nobody doubts that this is possible on their own - and if you're having a happy single existence right now, you do not have to jump into a partnership right away. But there are quite a few arguments and points that speak for a partnership. Of particular importance is mutual support. It's a tremendously good feeling to know that someone is giving you the backing you can count on and that you can trust 100 percent even in difficult situations. A stable partnership often results in great self-confidence. This makes itself felt accordingly in other areas, so for example, in meetings or lectures, online free chat rooms self-confidently occur.

In a partnership, you can also get an honest and equally critical second view. Tell your partner about an idea and ask for an assessment from a different perspective. This can expand your own view and help you make better decisions or avoid mistakes. Lastly, in a partnership, a lot of stress can be reduced - but please without blaring each other and the frustration of leaving the work on the other. Rather, the partner can help to put the anger in relation. Maybe it's not as bad as you noticed it at first. If that does not help, you can still blabber about the colleagues or the boss, which can help with the stress on the job.

Partnership and occupation: There are also lurking problems and dangers

Partnership and career - that is not always peace, joy, pancakes. For example, it is considered critical if both are working on a common workplace. The lack of distance between each other and squatting around the clock can lead to quarrels. Most partnerships do well when the jobs are separated and each has a free space. Joint work also has great potential for conflict when it comes to professional disputes. Here it is difficult to separate the two areas, whereby professional conflicts or disagreements are usually taken over into private life. Partnerships can also suffer from the profession, even if both have different employers. There can be annoyance whenever the partner's job is too short. Overtime and much to do - everyone knows, can happen to anyone. However, if the partner feels neglected, a dispute threatens.

Partner help: those who trust in them achieve less

Partner help: those who trust in them achieve less Together we are strong. Shared pain is half of the pain. These folk tunes know you. But they may not be right: those who rely on their partner's mental support to achieve a goal will achieve it more slowly. The effect is quick to explain: as soon as we rely on the help of our partner, we secretly transfer part of the responsibility to him and automatically make less effort. Two experiments preceded the knowledge. In the first, 56 subjects were trying to achieve their athletic goals. The first group should plan exactly how much they wanted to train for it. The second group also imagined supporting their career partner. Result: The second group was afterward not only less fit, but the women also took fewer training sessions.

In the second experiment, 74 students - this time both men and women - first had to solve a puzzle before preparing for an important university exam. Lo and behold, anyone who relied on the partner to help him or her with the puzzle was dawdling longer and then promptly had less time to prepare for the exam. Granted, for the relationship, it's good and important to help one another or at least to signal mental support. But the success of the individual can slow that down.

The most important aspects for a stable partnership

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe you just need to stick to in order to have a stable and working relationship. If it were that easy, any partnership would be made for life, heartache would be a thing of the past, and divorce lawyers would be redundant and unemployed. However, there are a number of factors that can be identified that are particularly important for a partnership to make both parties happy and, in addition, to have a positive career impact:


In a partnership, you should support each other, be there for each other, and make the other feel that you are by your side in every project and working together toward goals. This does not have to happen completely blind, even criticism or an indication of problems or misconceptions is part of a partnership. In crucial and important moments and situations, there should be no doubt about the support.


When you. join a free chat room so tell everything truely. Lies not only have short legs, but they are also poison for any partnership. When honesty between partners is lost, trust soon follows. To honesty, it is also important to openly address weaknesses and mistakes and thus give others the opportunity for improvement and personal growth.


Those who are not prepared to compromise in a partnership will soon have to be - because the relationship ends. In order to maintain a long-term partnership, both have to be willing to compromise in a variety of situations and occasionally be prepared to make one or another sacrifice.


No one can hide from reality, but the partnership should be a retreat that provides security and distraction. For example, if you are under a lot of stress and pressure, you can find a balance with your partner, clear your head and recharge your batteries. The partnership provides a much-needed contrast to other areas of life.


Despite all the many positive factors of togetherness in a partnership, the individuality should nevertheless not be neglected. Everyone still needs time for themselves, independent hobbies and interests. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing yourself completely in the partnership. If both are doing something for themselves, the joint activity is even more enjoyable.

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