Getting Hired in a Tough Economy

In a difficult economic environment, taking extraordinary measures in your job search could be critical to landing the position you want. Here are some proven tips that are often overlooked by the average job seeker. And in today's job market, to be perceived as average is not a compliment.
Do your research

When you target a company for employment, research carefully. Visit its Web site. Discover who the managers are, their names, and as much about them as possible. Know what is sold and to whom, as well as the company's reputation. Address correspondence to a name in a Department, not blindly to a title.
Follow up creatively after the application

After submitting your application,trivial and obvious things like a followup handwritten note or a phone call to the Director of human resources couldget you ahead of the pack. Don't do too much. Make it short and to the point or you risk beein considered as needy or desperate. Your note will help draw attention to your application. 
Follow-up after an interview

After anin person interview, send a thank you note to each of your interviewers if possible. At the interview, do get business cards from which you will find emails.  Express you thank you note in a way that gets you to stand out, but not come across as desperate. This helps tip the scale in favor of sharpjob seekers. 
Get a business card

Have a personal card for your job search. Having a website version ofyour resume makes it a lot easier for reference as some people find it burdensome carrying a resume around. Indicate the website url to your resume on your business card for easy reference.
Network as much as you can

About 90% of jobs are hardly advertised on job boards orcareer sites. Even when they get advertised, it might be too late to apply. Keep in touch with the people you used to work with. You can be offered or made aware of a new post with your former law firm if you keep in touch and have not burned bridges with anyone important. They could even earn a referral bonus to bring back you in a different job with your old company.

Don't forget to keep in touch with suppliers and clients that you know from your former employer. They can provide you with better drivers and, more importantly still, major references when the time comes.

Look for opportunities of networking in your field. Some churches offer job networking sessions. General business networking can be done at social gatherings and clubs. Clubs like the Rotary are very useful as it is a networking association for virtually every profession, sex, and social group.

Do not neglect the pursuit of temporary work or even volunteering in a new area to get exposure. You could be offered a job by a company that uses temporary jobs to screen potential candidates. This also provides a networking opportunity resulting in ajob offer at another place.
Keep an eye on social media

If you use social media, watch your messages. Much effort expended to obtain a job with a dynamic company could be lost if they don't like what they see on your Facebook page. Do not deceive yourself, a potential employer will do a background and credit check.
Hide your age

Most people nearing retirement age have difficulty finding a job. It is a cruel fact of life, but employers prefer younger dynamic employees who will have a longer stay within the company. Avoid clothing and dressing styles that portrays you as old. If you're a at the more mature end, grey hair is your enemy and on the younger end, nose rings are a no no. You might like them, but remember you are the one looking for ajob so dressin a way your employer would consider a fit to their company.
Learn new skills

Do learn new software and get some experience using it. The business environment is becoming increasingly dependent on computers. Quick online programs are offered online now by accredited institutions and through community colleges. Explore these so your skills donot fallbehind.  

Frequently, your unemployment office will have a cache of these resources for free or at very reasonable prices to improve basic workplace skills.
Body language

Human resources personel are trained to assess your move in everything. How you relax in your seat, where you constantly stare during an interview or if you avoid eye contact. All gestures including sitting, crossing arms, facial expressions are very revealing of personality. What you say is not the only thing that is important, how you act can be a deciding factor on how the interview gets scored.
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