Drunk Driving

By Katy

There's nothing more scary to me than crossing the road on a Friday or Saturday night. Yes, this is when I immediately assume that the person driving the next oncoming car is drunk. I immediately assume as such just to be on the safe side because you never know.

I have never been hit by a car before or had any violent accidents. Maybe I'm being just too cautious, but some of my friends see that as being paranoid. I always, better to be paranoid than get hit. It's not something you recover from in a day or two if you are unfortunate to be alive in the first place.

I have heard of horrific stories of people getting drunk and unwilling to take a cab. That is so unconscionable. One, you could hit someone while driving, or you could even drive yourself off the road or get involved in a collision.

To me either these people who drive intoxicated to not care about their lives or trivialize it or simply do not care about the lives of others and their loved ones.

I can't imagine people get so irresponsible as to be drunk and cap it off by driving strong. Such individuals if caught should be forced to go through some kind of therapy and until they are considered safe to drive without risking the lives of others, they should never be allowed to handle the wheels of a car. Maybe they should be permitted to bike only for 2 years as punishment for driving drunk.

The courts are so full of DUI cases that you wonder if anyone is taking it seriously. Worse, people who get convicted of drunk driving are often repeat offenders. Repeat, as in not just once but multiple times. Something needs to be done to overhaul the system.

The next time your representative shows up in your district, you need to get him to take drunk driving or DUI cases to the forefront in congress. I do applaud the current effort to lower the maximum blood alcohol level in drivers. This help get people off the road before they get to the point where they begin driving intoxicated.

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