Some people think a cat bed is just another fancy accessory or a luxury item for cats. These people are not considering how important sleep is for all creatures. Owning a cat bed will give the cat in your life their own place to relax and dream. According to research, cats spend the majority of their day sleeping. This is why providing a comfortable bed is truly a necessity and not a luxury, but you can still get a luxurious bed if you want.


Cat Bed 4 Less has the supplies that every cat owner needs to give their cat all the comfort they desire in a place to sleep. Do not trust your cat's comfort with just anyone. We are also cat owners, who understand and put our feline’s safety and comfort on top priority. We carry a wide variety of styles and designer cat bed selections that have been tailored to last a lifetime with proper care and use. These beds are made from the finest upholstery materials and have been creatively designed. You are guaranteed to find the right match for any home interior that will make a lovely addition to your home furnishings.



Check out these many Advantages of owning a Cat Bed:


No More Bed Sharing


It may be nice to curl up with your cozy kitty at bedtime sometimes, but this is not an ideal sleeping arrangement. Not do you want this to be a reoccurring theme. Once a cat finds your bed to be a comfortable place to snooze during the day, they will want to sleep there all the time. By providing your fuzzy feline, a cat bed that they can access anytime can prevent this from happening.


A Good Night Sleep


Having separate beds provide a more relaxing and worry-free sleeping arrangement at night. No more worrying about accidentally rolling over or kicking your cat out of bed. Your furry friend no longer has to wait for you to go to bed so that he or she can crash on your couch.




Another cat bed advantage is the comfort that it provides, which is especially beneficial for older cats. Allowing them to sleep on a hard and cold floors can create joint problems and injury to existing joint problems. Providing your furry friend can prevent such problems from occurring.




A cat bed will provide your friendly feline with a warm and cozy place to curl up in for their many cat naps. For those who live in colder climates, it is advisable to get a heated bed to give a little extra warmth for those harsh winter days. A cat’s coat can only do so much to keep them warm.




Cats are well known for their shedding. Having unwanted cat fur all over your favorite pillow and couch cushions can become quite a hassle. Having a cat bed will give them a place to do a majority of their shedding, which will make it easier for cleaning and lessen allergens in the home.


Sickness Prevention


By providing your cat with their very own bed, you are helping them stay healthy. Your precious kitty could get arthritis and/or asthma from sleeping on cold and hard surfaces.


Prevent Damage to your Furniture


By giving your cat has its own place to rest, owners can easily keep them away from the furniture. This will eliminate the chances of your furniture getting dirty, covered in fur, and/or scratched up.

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