3 Accessories to Prevent Common Injuries at the Gym

3 Accessories to Prevent Common Injuries at the Gym

When it’s time to hit the gym, there's a couple types of people. Some come prepared and know how to safely achieve results while others like to wing it. If you're the second type, you’re likely ready to hit the floor running. However, preparing your body for the rigorous workout that you have planned is essential to ensuring your well-being. Here are three of the best accessories to be sure you’re wearing when you go to the gym that will protect your body from the most common gym injuries.

Compression Sleeves

These can do wonders for helping to reduce pain, especially around the joints, when working out. If you notice that your elbows or your knees are having issues with pain, then you should consider wearing compression sleeves. These help to provide extra support for these areas.

Also, these types of compression instruments allow better blood circulation at the muscles and joints. When you have better blood circulation, your muscles tend to heal faster from your workout and you experience less pain due to decreased swelling of the area. You should plan on trying these even before experiencing any pain. It may help to avoid any all together. 

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Weight Belts

If you’re going to be hitting the free weights, then it’s likely you’ve got your eyes on some heavy loads. While weightlifting can be a great way to work your muscles to get stronger, it also can provide more opportunity for injury. By opting to add custom weight belts to your heavy sets, you can assist your core while performing those heavy loads.

Your weight belt will actually help to stabilize the body and allow you to formulate a solid core when you take in a full breath. You’ll notice that a belt can assist you in lifting heavier loads than you may be used to. This equates to better gains from your workout. You have to find time in your weekly schedule to work out, so it's a good idea to take advantage of tricks like these to make the most out of your time at the gym. 

Anti-Chafe Balm

Although you may not consider chaffing as a per-say "injury," it’s a common occurrence for gym-goers. This annoying situation can make it difficult to focus on your workout. Even the littlest of chafe marks can have us in pain. Ask any long distance runner or biker how their skin feels after completing a marathon. If they weren't prepared with preventative measure to reduce the friction between their clothes and their skin, they will likely have some chaffing going on. 

It’s a good idea to consider applying anti-chafe balms to the areas of the body that you find you have difficulty with chafing. Most common are the thighs, arms, and chest. This balm typically comes in a deodorant-like container so you can simply throw it in your gym bag. When you get to the gym, apply it like you would your regular deodorant over areas where you have chafing issues. This is particularly usefull if you plan to do a lot of cardio or a workout that includes a lot of repetive movements. 


Protecting your body from common gym injuries should be a top priority. As you know, when your body is at 100 percent, you feel great and can lift the world. However, when an injury has you down, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand. Do yourself a favor and protect your body with the accessories notated above.


Kairi Gainsborough studied writing and digital media at University. She is a freelance writer based in Minnesota. When not typing up her latest article, she enjoys spending time outdoor with her rescue dog, Fry.

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