The importance of a cat scratching post

Choosing the best cat scratching post is not an easy task, because you never know if your feline will actually use it. You can end up with various designs within the house and your cat might still scratch their paws against your sofa, curtains or such. It is not that your furry friend doesn’t like the post, the issue is that you have to focus on the right one and know what to purchase. One common mistake that many owners make is that they select a post that they like and which matches their home décor, but this is certainly not the best solution. Take into account things from your pet’s perspective and analyze a variety of factors to protect your investment and your belongings.

There are some important elements that matter when looking for a cat scratching post, such as variety of materials used and surfaces, height and durability, vertical and horizontal surfaces and such. Cats like to scratch and it is in their natural instinct, but it is up to you to provide the right environment and make sure they put their instincts in value. Do not forget they are predators at the end of the day. The post’s height is crucial and it should be tall enough to allow your feline to extend fully while using it. They need to pull back their shoulder and back muscles and maintain their flexibility. It is not comfortable for them to crouch down in order to scratch.

Sturdiness is another factor to consider, because if the unit wobbles, your pets will not use it. They like stable furniture elements and this is why you will see them around the house, sitting on chairs, couches and such. Also, you need to make sure the post is safe and does not provide any chances of getting injured. Unstable and large posts can be highly dangerous, especially if they fall on your pet. The base needs to be heavy and you should go through product descriptions and read reviews, to find out what other owners have to say about the products, if they recommend buying them and if they companions actually use them. More to it, cats obtain great satisfaction when the material shreds under their claws and when a loud noise accompanies the action. Sisal is a good example of fabric that feels great and shreds in a very pleasant way.

Once you decided upon the scratching post, it is time to embrace other supplies that have great benefits and make your life easier in the same time. Cat litter crystals are very good examples and many owners switched to them. Unlike other litters on the market, crystals are easier to clean, especially because they don’t clump and it is very convenient to get out the solids from them. More to it, they absorb odor and help eliminate it as well. There is no need to empty the tray on a daily basis or at least not as often as you are used to. This means less work and more time to sit back and relax the spare time. Since crystals don’t produce too much dust, your home will be cleaner and your cat will not pick up clay dust and spread them around your home.

Many owners complain they have to carry around large litter bags and it is not always convenient. The good news is that cat litter crystals are lighter, since they are designed from silica gel. You will not experience that much discomfort when it comes to lifting bags and getting them inside the car and house. Your feline is also in good hands, because the crystals are non-toxic and even if they happen to lick them, nothing bad will happen. This way, you have peace of mind knowing your pet is well protected and in good hands.

Resource Box: Do you want to offer your cat something to scratch and play along with? The  cat scratching post  is an essential addition to your home and you can choose from so many designs. If you are looking around for an alternative to traditional litter, it is a good idea to take  cat litter crystals  into consideration. 

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