Auctions: towards a new record for a pink diamond
Auctions: towards a new record for a pink diamond

The Pink Star, a 59.6-carat pink diamond, will be auctioned on November 13 by Sotheby's. It could exceed $ 60 million.

Only a few months ago, Christie's had sold for over 30 million euros an intense pink diamond of 34.6 carats (or 867,000 euros per carat). 
His name: the "princess" (or princess diamond). Pink diamonds are among the rarest and most sought after, not just in Blake Edwards' films. The next sale in preparation at, November 13, should indeed confirm it.

The auction house presented this Wednesday morning in Geneva an exceptional pink diamond, the "Pink Star" ("Pink Star"), 59.60 carats on the scale. It will be auctioned in November and its price could exceed $ 60 million (44.4 million euros), for a price of nearly 745,000 euros per carat ...

Less expensive per kilo than the "princess", but this pink Diamond could still achieve a new record for a pink diamond at an auction. 
It was mined in 1999 in Africa by De Beers, was cut in 2003 and sold for the first time in 2007 at a private sale at a price that was not disclosed.

A pink diamond of exceptional purity

" Its exceptional richness of color, rated bright pink by the Institute of Gemology of America, combined with its extraordinary size, are features that exceed all known pink diamonds, in state collections, royal or private,  " says David Bennett, President of the Jewelery for Europe division at Sotheby's. 

He specifies that this diamond characterized as "  
pure pink diamond " is all the more exceptional as among the pink diamonds the pure pink diamonds are already rare at the level of 5 carats ... so when they weigh 59.6 carats ... It has thus has been classified as "Type IIa", considered among the purest in the world. Only 2% of known pink diamonds belong to this category.

The world record remains held by another pink diamond, the "Graff Pink" acquired at the end of 2010 by the London broker Graff for more than 46 million dollars from Sotheby's. Note that the auction house must also put in October at auction, whose value could exceed $ 30 million.

Biggest pink diamond in the world sold at record price of 62 million euros

The Pink Star is now the most expensive diamond in the world. This diamond, mounted in a ring, weighs 11.92 grams and was initially estimated at 60 million dollars.

A real treasure of nature ". That's how many experts qualify Pink Star, a 59.60 carat pink diamond. The latter was auctioned Wednesday night in Geneva at a record price of $ 83 million (61.65 million euros).

Five minutes of intense auctions

David Bennett, president of Sotheby's jewelery division in Europe and the Middle East, lowered his hammer in a Geneva hotel after five minutes of intense auctions that pushed the Pink Star to the rank of diamond sold the most expensive in the world .

The auction, denominated in Swiss francs, started at 48 million Swiss francs (39 million euros) and rose by one million at each auction. The 150 or so people in the room held their breath when the telephone bidder announced 67 million Swiss francs (without the commission), then exploded into applause when the fabulous diamond was won at 68 million Swiss francs, $ 83 million, including Sotheby's commission. 

They can only be elevated to the rank of natural treasures "

The sale comes as Tuesday night a 14.82-carat orange "vivid" diamond, the largest in its category, was auctioned in Geneva by rival Christie's at a price of $ 35.54 million (26, 19 million euros): a record for an orange diamond and a sales price record per carat for a colored diamond.

But pink 'fancy vivid pink' diamonds are extremely rare. Also, " when they reach 59.60 carats like the Pink Star, they can only be elevated to the rank of natural treasures, " said David Bennett, also an expert in gemology. This diamond, mounted in a ring, weighs 11.92 grams and was estimated at 60 million dollars.

Three years ago, Sotheby's had set the sales record for a diamond by selling for $ 46.2 million (€ 34 million) the "Graff Pink".

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