Reasons why women should start wearing a watch
Reasons why women should start wearing a watch

In this present age, most people think men are the only one who knows about fashion especially with the use of trending wristwatch. five out of 10 men you will see probably have a trending working wristwatch and you ask yourself what exactly is going on with women.


Without a doubt, women love jewelry such as neck chain, ring and many more and you can't beat them when it comes to that. But gone are the days when women do not cherish wristwatch as most of them are gradually seeing the need for it.


We want to share with you some of the reasons women should start wearing wrist watch despite the claim they can check the time from their mobile device.


Eliminate distraction


Permit me to say women are easily distracted with things. it is not a means to disrespect women personality but it is just too far from being a false allegation. one of the reasons women should have their wrist watch is because of distraction.


You might choose to settle for checking the time with your watch but i must be real with you, it is a form of distraction. For example, you want to check the time at your place of work and you brought out your phone, you can easily get distracted due to one message or missed calls or social media news. Therefore, to avoid such, you just need to get accustomed with the use of wrist watch. 


Style and sense of fashion


Most women don't see wrist watch as part of fashion adornment. It is seen as an adornment for men. It is why most women do not know the value and importance of the watch they have. Let me share a story with you about my fiance.


I got her an iPhone wristwatch and she took it with appreciative heart. Since then she has been mishandling the watch and guess what, i never told her the price while she is aware that it is expensive. 


She happens to be a writer and while working for one of her client, shw was to write a guide of different watches and surprisingly, the watch i gave her was part of those to write a guide on.

She screamed when he realized the price and value of the watch and then began to thank me for getting her such wristwatch. Mind you, i do feel sad whenever i see her using a less quality watch while she abandon the one i got her.

Then i told her, only those that get to know about wrist watch and class will know the value of what you have on  your wrist and that is just the way it is. Watch adds to your class and value to anyone by complimenting your fashion sense.




One other reason women should use wristwatch is to multi-task. It helps to be time conscious and as well help with time management. With wristwatch you can be able to do a lot of things within little space of time. It also helps to get to a place in time. 


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From a man point of view, we do give attention to the outfit of a lady and one of the things we look out for is the hand and the type of watch they have on their wrist. Undoubtedly, you can easily talk about the value and worth of a person by accessing whatever they have on.


The point is, men admire women with classy wear. We tends to get attracted to ladies that knows how to blend their jewelry with their outfit especially the wristwatch. So it is not a secret or a tip for lady. If you want to get noticed, just ensure you have a classy wristwatch on your wrist whenever you hang out with friends. 


That reminds me of how some guys got attracted to a client who do come to our office with nice attire and classy wristwatch. You sure will get the attention if you have a trending watch on your wrist.




There are many other reasons women should use wristwatch but we have been able to highlight some important ones for you. 

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