Usefulness of Microfiber Travel Pillow
Usefulness of Microfiber Travel Pillow

The thought of travelling itself gives butterflies in our stomach but the remembrance of packing and carrying things while travelling is kind of nightmare. There are so many important accessories that one needs to carry while travelling and some of them depend on the place where you are travelling to. One of the most important things to carry, while you travel is- an inflatable microfiber travel pillow.


Travel and neck pillows are worthy to be carried around because it can provide you with a good sleep amidst the travel even if it barely for an hour or two. Microfiber down alternative pillow is now available in the market and are generally a made up of polyester and poly-amide in the ratio of 80/20 or 75/25 or so on. Microfibers can even be used with Lycra spandex to improve the comfort level and can be even knitted with fabrics like satin, crepe, twill etc, to give an extraordinary look.

Listed below are some of the properties of microfiber travel pillow:

● They are not only flexible but also light in weight. So, they are easy to carry around when you travel.

● The retains their shape and has good stability.

● They have an anti-wrinkle property which is quite beneficial.

● They repel water and hence is safe from the water stain.

● They have high durability and are quite strong with wind repellent properties.

● The microfiber travel pillow is washable and can be dried easily without any effect on their characteristics.

● They can be made to look extremely attractive when woven or knitted with high fabrics like satin, rayon etc.

● They can even absorb bacteria and germs thereby promoting a germ-free condition.

Microfiber down alternative pillow comes in various ranges and some of them are Goose down inflatable travel pillow, Duck down inflatable travel pillow, White down blend inflatable travel pillow and Microfiber down alternative inflatable travel pillow.

The benefits of using microfiber travel pillow are listed below:

● Easily cleanable

● Lightweight and comfortable

● Resists change in characteristics

● Highly durable

● Promotes breath-ability

● Extremely fine in texture like silk

● Reusable and promotes a dirt-free environment

The uses of these microfiber travel pillow and microfiber down alternative pillow are endless because of their extensive performance. Apart from manufacturing of the pillowcases, microfibers can even be used to make rain-wear, outdoor fleece, filters with high performance, intimate apparel, household products, anti-embolism stockings etc. Hence, it is one of the most advantageous fibers of this age and is a good alternative to cotton.

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