Feedbacks are more important than you think!
Feedbacks are more important than you think!

If you are a business owner slash enthusiast, you know the importance of feedbacks. Especially if your business is based online. It is no mystery that people are skeptical buying products online when surfing and a few bad reviews will put your business out. Good reviews are instrumental for growing businesses, especially if it’s a startup. A happy customer is a satisfied customer. He will tell his experience to his family, friends and peers: imagine him telling the whole world instead. That is the power of online reviews.

Brian Greenberg, the founder of True Blue Life Insurance and many other e-commerce businesses, who specializes in organic SEO, and is an expert on digital marketing, believes feedback’s to be one of the best strategies to close sales. Building trust with your customers are key in building your brand.

“I've spent years developing professional brands for clients and myself and discovered core strategies to build trust and stand out from the competition during the process. Branding takes time, effort and investment, but it pays off in earned revenue and business growth,” Brian writes.

According to Brian Greenberg, here are seven approaches you can take to get your customers to leave positive reviews.

1)      Right time and Right way!

There are so many satisfied customers, who don’t leave reviews at all, because why would they? It is your job as a business man to try and get it out from them, but with the right tone and right time. Wait until the end of their experience and then ask, “Are you satisfied? Are you happy with our service?” If they say yes, then you ask them to leave a review on your website, by telling them how important they are to your business. It is all about reciprocity.

“Another thing I've seen work for online product sales is to send a nice little email as soon as customers get their order. It has a thumbs up and a thumbs down with the question, ‘Did everything go alright with your order?’ If they put thumbs up, we send a second email saying, ‘Can you take a second to leave a review for our service and the products that you bought?’ And then include a link to the preferred place you want them to leave a review.” Brian explained.

2)      Make it as easy as possible

Another thing you want to do is make the process of reviewing as friendly as possible. You want to make leaving a review so easy that the customer doesn’t feel like it is an intrusion at all.

“One thing we do at True Blue Life Insurance is automatically send emails at the end of a customer's experience. In those emails, we have a link that takes customers to exactly where we want them to leave the review.” Brian explained.

3)      It’s a numbers game!

The more you have positive reviews, the more your brand grows. Reviews are a helpful tool for your customers to know your brand’s legitimacy without having to research your brand. Other new customer will automatically chose you based on those reviews.

“I've been collecting customer reviews for a long time -- close to a decade now.

And I've been keeping tabs on how the positive and negative reviews affect my profits. There's a saying about how the best way to make a billion dollars is to serve a billion customers. Following that logic, the best way to grow your business is to grow your positive reviews online,” Brian writes.

So if you are new to the business game, and wants to grow your business online, reviews are essential. Follow these guidelines, as explained by Brian Greenberg and you will find immense growth in your business. Growing your business from such a small ask is a huge win.

Journalism student, with a side interest in finance and e-commerce, loves to read and write about different strategies by which you can sustain your online businesses.
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