How to Connect an Interactive Whiteboard to a Computer
How to Connect an Interactive Whiteboard to a Computer

Interfacing an intelligent whiteboard to your office gathering room PC is a genuinely straightforward errand. When the whiteboard has been mounted to your divider, you essentially need to run links from the whiteboard to your PC. The entire arrangement takes a couple of minutes relying upon your involvement in wiring, and should generally be possible with just three links. There is an inconspicuous distinction in RM class whiteboards in that they need an extra link to work, yet the procedure to interface a whiteboard to a PC is genuinely standard.


Intelligent whiteboards interface with a PC and a projector to show the work area of the PC on the whiteboard. The showed picture would then be able to be constrained by a stylus or finger by contacting objects on the whiteboard. This is helpful for tidying up a business introduction to customers or clients, or in the event that you are making an introduction to your workers. While prior whiteboard models required extraordinary PCs with sequential ports for association, present day intelligent whiteboards utilize a standard USB association.




This report portrays how to interface your PC and different gadgets to the SMART Board 600i intelligent whiteboard framework. It additionally portrays how to associate a visitor PC to the Unifi 35 projector's all-inclusive association board (ECP).




This report portrays how to interface your PC and different gadgets to the SMART Board 600i intelligent whiteboard framework and its Unifi 35 projector in particular.




The SMART Board 600i arrangement intuitive whiteboard framework incorporates links to associate a PC just as video and sound gadgets. You can likewise buy SMART assistants to associate the intuitive whiteboard sequentially, to broaden the length of the included links, and to interface with the intelligent whiteboard without introducing SMART Board programming.


1. Interface your PC to your projector, on the off chance that you have not effectively done as such. Normally, this includes associating a projector rope into the video port on your PC and afterward interfacing the opposite end to a port on the projector, yet you'll have to adhere to the guidelines for your sort of projector so as to introduce it effectively.


2. Fitting the opposite finish of the USB link into the USB port on your white board. For the SMART board 800 arrangement, this port is situated on the base of the board, underneath the pen plate.


3. Adjust your white board with your PC's screen by tapping the "Shrewd" symbol from the Windows notice bar, and afterward click "Keen Hardware Settings." Click on the white board you need to align - you may just have one recorded - and after that snap "Propelled Settings," at that point "Align." Wait a couple of minutes for the two gadgets to match up. At times, your PC may provoke you to align the screen when you associate the PC and white load up; if not, continue to Step 6.


4. Get a pen from the SMART pen plate and contact the pen focuses that show up on the screen. This is a piece of the alignment procedure, and along these lines significant. Contact the majority of the pen focuses. At the point when you've contacted them all you should see a message show up on your screen, alarming you that you're finished with alignment and would now be able to utilize your board as you see fit. Interactive whiteboards connect to a computer and a projector to display the desktop of the computer on the whiteboard. The displayed image can then be  more attractive with imagine. More info:

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