Trending Macro Decor For Your Space
Trending Macro Decor For Your Space

Gone are the days of shying away from huge elements at your home. The new trend in architecture is the use of macro elements to enhance the space. This style is heavily gaining prominence in the West with a lot of clients being more than just happy with it.

Architects in Bangalore are taking this trend to the next level and creating the best spaces for their clientele and we are super impressed with the techniques adapted by them. They feel that the present day architecture screams for uniqueness and demands designs that are out of the box.

There is a misconception that they don’t fit into spaces which is a huge fad! Read along to find out the macro decor ideas you can implement for your space. Here’s a well curated list that suits any space; be it minimal or bold!


Terrace Planters


The minimal wooden flooring and the wooden decor with clean and sharp lines facilitates for the macro planters in the best way possible! You may go all in and bring in huge ceramic or concrete finish planters and create a beautiful terrace garden. Play around with the hues and create a breathable and exotic garden with less hassle involved except for the timely maintainance which isn’t a bad deal for all the advantages that it brings along with it.


The Heavy Metallic Vanity


The Architects strive hard to provide designs that are aesthetic and last for years. A vanity is usually overlooked and doesn’t recieve much attention. This right here is designed keenly with the insight provided into the materials used on the wall and the granite top counter which all blend in seemlessly. To add an oomph, we have a hand shaped metallic stool which is an epitome of major design value.

Macro Statement Walls

Statement walls have always been a hot cake and we couldn’t admire them any lesser. The subtlety in this space is showcased in a grand way with the presence of the wall cladding which is louder than itself. The reflection and the lighting in the room add to the overall beauty with the extravagant blending which can never go unnoticed!


Stripe it all!

Looking to make a difference in your space with? This one’s for you! The thin stripes in the beautiful golden metal is a very lound yet subtle choice which brings in a lot of personality into the space. With the perfect lighting, this piece will definitely outshine the rest.


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