10 Surprising Causes of Migraines That Have Nothing to Do With Hormones

10 Surprising Causes of Migraines That Have Nothing to Do With Hormones

Migraine is a neurological condition that causes intense, debilitating headaches and is accompanied by symptoms such as tingling or numbness, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, and difficulty speaking. 

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is the third most common illness in the world that affects nearly 18 percent of American women, 6 percent of men, and 10 percent of children. 

Everyone can develop migraines. They can start during childhood or might not appear until early adulthood. Although the most famous risk factor for migraines is hormone changes, there are some other things that may contribute to this issue. These include:

1. High levels of stress 

Being stressed out might be the reason for your intense throbbing migraine pain. However, the good news is that some studies have found that meditation can help with chronic migraines. Those who practice meditation and yoga often experience shorter and less debilitating migraine headaches than those who don’t practice these techniques. This could be due to the fact that people who do yoga and meditation have a greater sense of self-control over their migraines. 

2. Dehydration 

Migraines can occur when you lose too much water. The best migraine treatment is prevention, so make sure you’re consuming the recommended 2.5 to 3.5 liters of water per day. 

3. Caffeine withdrawal 

Caffeine withdrawal is a known migraine trigger, but scientists still don’t know what exactly causes this type of headache. Some experts suggest this might be due to a signaling chemical, known as adenosine, whose receptors are usually blocked by caffeine intake. 

However, caffeine-induced headaches don’t usually appear unless a person has been used to consuming many cups of coffee a day. Fortunately, caffeine withdrawal typically lasts only a few days, and giving up caffeine gradually can limit the pain. 

4. Consumption of “trigger” foods 

The National Headaches Foundation (NHF) reports that certain foods like processed meats and aged cheese contain preservatives that might lead to migraines. But the foods that provoke migraine headaches differ depending on the person. Foods like olives, snow peas, and soy sauce are some of the most known triggers as well.  

5. Sensitivity to sensory stimulation 

Strong smells and flickering lights might be causing your headaches. According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience, when the membranes around the central nervous system get irritated, pain receptors are stimulated in the brain. 

6. Weather 

Some weather patterns are linked to migraines. According to some studies, migraines are 28 percent more likely to appear when lightning strikes, probably due to electromagnetic changes. 

7. Consumption of caffeinated or sugary beverages

Caffeinated, high-sugar, and alcoholic beverages can make you experience migraines as well. These drinks can contribute to dehydration and also contain preservatives that increase blood flow to the brain, both common migraine triggers.

8. Brain tumor 

Brain tumors can contribute to headaches on one side, which are similar to migraines. If you experience nausea, vomiting, changes in your memory, motor weakness, or changes in your personality, this might be provoked by a brain tumor or brain cancer. 

9. Genetics 

Genetic predisposition is one of the most common reasons for migraine headaches. According to a 2013 study at the University of California, San Francisco, migraines have been linked to a certain genetic mutation. The study has found that a significant proportion of migraine sufferers in the families they studied either had the mutation or were the offspring of a mutation carrier. 

10. Changes in sleep patterns 

Many people with migraines report that missing sleep or getting too much sleep can provoke a migraine attack. If the migraines are temporary, there’s no need to make a change, however, if they occur regularly, it’s best to regulate your sleep patterns. 

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