How to design a correct web architecture for SEO

Having a correct web architecture is essential to position ourselves in the search engines. The more simplified and orderly our web architecture is, the better results we will achieve in the different search engines.

In this article, we will see how to design the web architecture of a page to improve SEO positioning.

What is web architecture?

The web architecture defines how the content of a web page is organized. That is, it works the structure of a web page and the hierarchy and arrangement of information.

Having a correct web architecture is essential not only for SEO but also for web usability, allowing the user to navigate and move easily through our website. Therefore, web architecture is one of the initial phases that must be taken into account in each project, even before creating a web design.

Importance of web architecture

Here are some reasons why the structure of a website is a very important factor to consider before launching to create a website

Improves user experience

As we have indicated previously, one of the great advantages of having a correct web architecture is the improvement of user experience that this implies. Having a cognitive balance and locating the elements where expected, makes the user experience with our website totally satisfactory.

In addition, when a user can easily move through a website, it will stay longer on it, thus improving the time spent and decreasing the bounce rate. As a result, our SEO will improve significantly.

Promote site links or site links

Sitelinks, or site links, are a list format that appears in the SERPs below the main page, with several internal links to the web pages.

These links improve SEO and direct users to relevant information on our site, thus improving our brand's reputation and user confidence.

Improve tracking

The bots of the different search engines track the structure of a website to index the content and return it in the search results. The easier, clearer and more intuitive the architecture of a website, the easier it will be for crawlers to access and index our content.

Improve SEO positioning

Without good web structuring, SEO makes no sense. Having a solid web structure will allow us to significantly improve the positions of our keywords in search engines and, therefore, organic traffic.

5 steps to design a correct web architecture

To achieve a correct web architecture, we must take into account a series of elements of great importance. Pay attention!

Plan a hierarchy before developing a website

Before launching to develop your website, plan your organization in the best possible way. Organize your information with meaning and in a very simple way, creating a logical hierarchy separated by categories and subcategories.

Create a urls structure following the navigation hierarchy

Make your urls follow the navigation hierarchy of your categories and subcategories. That is, if your category is "email marketing agency" and your subcategory is "email markteing tools", the url would look like this:

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The less depth, the better

You don't create very deep websites, ideally, the information is accessible in two or three clicks. Avoid burying important pages.

List your main pages in a header

Create a menu or top header that lists your main pages. Link from here to the secondary pages or subcategories in the simplest and clearest way possible.

Take care of internal linking

Pay attention to the Internal linking so that each page of your website is related to other internal pages.

Thanks to internal linking, search engines know which pages are the most important and how to reach them.

In short, the structure of a website is essential for SEO, so we must think about it carefully before launching to develop a pointless website. If you have already developed your website, think about how to reorganize your elements so that the web architecture makes sense.

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