8 Tips to keep Secure your home During the Holidays

8 Tips to keep Secure your home During the Holidays

Hard to curb your excitement about your approaching holiday? Why not! We all deserve some time off for a rejuvenating escapade. However, while going for such trips, it is essential to ensure your home security.

 Last year when my family went on a vacation, we were excited about our trip to Paris. So much so, that we were thinking and planning our itinerary all day long. We made full use of our Charter Spectrum packages and searched about the hot tourist spots and eateries online. And in the middle of all this overwhelming excitement, I forgot to switch the alarm system on when we left. That stressed me throughout my vacation. 

Don’t let it happen to you! Take advantage of these security tips to have the peace of mind you deserve, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

8 Effective Tips for Fool-Proof Home Security


  1. Lock All the Windows and Doors.
  2. Hold the Mail/Newspapers.
  3. Create an Illusion of a Full house.
  4. Keep Your Holiday Plans Low-Key.
  5. Leave the Car/Cars in Your Driveway.
  6. Ensure Your Home Monitoring/Security Systems are Working.
  7. Lock Up the Valuables.
  8.  Leave the Spare House Key with Someone You Trust.

Let’s discuss them in some detail.


Lock All the Windows and Doors

Sounds obvious? but let us share this piece of info. More than 32 percent of thieves intrude through unlocked windows and doors. Thanks to the reckless owners!

Before you step out, make sure you have locked every house and window. By doing so, you will also give yourself a favor of not coming back to a house full of dust, leaves, and insects. Strong winds and animals can come in through open windows.


Hold the Mail/Newspapers

A bunch of yellowing newspapers or stuffed mail will easily give away that you are not home. Ask a trusted family member or a friend to pick it all up for you. You can also request the newspaper provider or the courier service to hold the deliveries for a particular number of days.  

Create an Illusion of a Full house  

Turn on the lights! If not all, at least some. Dark houses invite burglars and darkness is the trademark of a vacant house. No lights make sneaking in, convenient and effortless for the thieves. Installing motion detector lights is also a good idea to shoo away any intruders. But even if you don’t have them, leaving some lights on in the upper portion or in the driveway will keep burglars away.

Investing in a smart lighting system that can be controlled remotely is also a good idea.

Keep Your Holiday Plans Low-Key

Showing off and broadcasting all your airport check-ins all over your social media? Bad idea! You need to curb social media addiction while you are away. You can post all the stuff that you want once you are back. But posting things, which show you are thousands of miles away from home is downright stupid. Especially if your profiles have random contacts, acquaintances, and so on. Or, if you have a public profile.  

Do not risk advertising an empty house. Ask your kids and spouse to avoid posting updates on social media too.

Leave the Vehicle in Your Driveway

Do you know that many burglars have confessed that one of the major deterrents to leaving out a potential targeted house was a car in the driveway! It is a clear indicator of someone inside the house.

If you are going on a road trip and can’t leave your own car in the driveway, ask a neighbor to do the favor of parking their cars in your driveway.


Ensure Your Home Monitoring/Security Systems are Working

Have you invested in security cameras? Or a home security system? That’s actually wise. Our only suggestion is that installing them in a way that they are obvious and visible to anyone who comes in. Having a conspicuous camera, facing the gate is will catch everyone’s attention and is a great deterrent.  

Also, make sure your security system, alarm systems, and cameras are smoothly functioning. Program them correctly or take professional help to do so.


Lock Up the Valuables

Even if your security system is intact, make sure you lock up all the precious items in your house. In case of a malfunction of these systems, you don’t want every valuable to be accessible to burglars.


 Leave the Spare House Key with Someone You Trust

Have some Sephora or Amazon orders to be delivered sometime soon? You don’t want them to be left unattended in front of your gate or main door. They will give away that the house is empty. Also, they can be ruined by wind, rain, stray dogs, and so on. Handing over a duplicated key to a trusted neighbor or friend will be a good strategy. Ask them to collect your mail. Return their favor in some way when you are back!

Also, don’t pile up unpaid bills in front of your main door. Better to pay them online. I would always pay Spectrum bill online to avoid any flying flyers in my garden when I am away! That is important information you don't want in the wrong hands!

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