Is There Any Truth in Mosquitoes Loving a Certain Blood Type?
Is There Any Truth in Mosquitoes Loving a Certain Blood Type?

Probably you are wondering why of all people you are the one that is favorite of the mosquitoes. So, if you feel you are a mosquito magnet, this is surely the blog you must read to know the truth of mosquitoes finding a certain blood type “yummy”. Also, your house is swarming with mosquitoes, you need to get mosquito removal round rock right away, as they are also one of the deadliest creatures to cause the death of millions each year.


Mosquitoes and Blood Types

So, do they prefer one blood type over others? As it turns out yes. Back in 1972, in the Journal of Medical Entomology, a study surfaced which indicated mosquitoes have certain preferences. So, people did have their doubts about being mosquitoes’ favorite since then and they scientifically proved it. Next time you are told by your friends that you are paranoid you will be able to surprise them.


Which Blood Types Do Mosquitoes Prefer?

Type O being the universal donor is a common knowledge we all have. They also for the mosquitoes the tastiest of all the blood types. If you are type O certainly this being mosquito favorite is not you will want to hear.


According to a study certain species of insect’s land on the skin of people with type O blood group about twice as often as that on the type A blood group. Humans secrete certain chemicals through the skin, the chemicals that are produced based on your DNA which further determines the blood type. Dr. Jonathan Day, Entomologist and mosquito expert at the University of Florida feels these chemicals are like lactic acid which attracts the mosquitoes the most.


Other Factors Just Than Your Blood Type

Type O blood is a mosquito favorite, but it is not the only thing that might be making you mosquito magnet here are some of the other factors that are attracting them to you of all people.


1. Metabolism

Continuing further Dr. Jonathan Day revealed there are also some other factors such as a person’s metabolic rate which could also attract the mosquitoes. The insect uses CO2 as a means to locate the food and thus the higher your metabolic rate, the more carbon dioxide you are producing.


2. Clothing

Clothes and other factors, mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors. In seasons like summer, you must choose lighter colors to make mosquitoes hate you.


Summing Up

We hope you found the answer to your question, but you will not have to face the situation of mosquito attack at all if you call the nearest pest control service Round Rock you can find for complete extermination. We hope you enjoyed this interesting dive to learn if mosquitoes are in love with your blood or not.

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