Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Uplift Your iGaming Business

Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Uplift Your iGaming Business

Creating a marketing strategy that makes way through the existing online content and reaches your potential audience can be a tough nut to crack. Not because the market is abuzz with brands claiming their products to be the best or because finding the right communication channel is tough, i-gaming is an industry where advertising is not as simple as in other industries.

The success buzz of the i-gaming businesses is so loud that many development companies have started offering i-game development services like Fantasy Sports App Development, Fantasy Cricket App Development, Poker Game Development, etc.

Many countries have recently legislated gambling games, which is good news. The bad news is that they have passed i-gaming with a long list of "terms, conditions, and restrictions" on advertising. So, If you are planning to launch an i-game, It will be lucrative. However, creating its marketing strategy can make your marketing strategists sweat. However, with the right knowledge of legal boundaries on i-gaming, one can skip the landmines of "Advertising bans." 

In the ever-evolving i-gaming industry, you've got to hit the right chord of your audience to make them engage with your game. The convenience and excessive use of social media have made it one of the most effective mediums to engage and promote. But again, gambling ads are hard to pull o the social media platforms. 

So, you might be wondering, "what's the catch?" How can an i-gaming business build a marketing strategy that is profitable? Here are some hacks

1. Loyalty Programs - A hook 

In order to get the best of players, you need to build an engaging and trustworthy bond with them. Merely getting them to create an account in your game's platform will do only a little good. The best way to build a cordial relationship with your game players is to organize Loyalty programs. 

For those new to the term, a Loyalty program is a marketing strategy that involves keeping the customers engaged with your product or service, in this case, a game, by giving them special offers or rewards. 

So, to create a strong bond with the player, you need to provide rewards to them to make them stick to your game. For instance, If you have an i-game with several levels, rewarding players for winning each level with some bonuses or perks will encourage them to stay on the platform. 

The loyalty pointers won by your players can include various rewards such as:

Scratch cards


Gift cards

discount on branded products 

game degradation or customization features

and well, the sky is your limit and the world is your oyster with these rewards 

2. Mobile adaptability - A requisite 

Why a requisite, though? Of the total revenue generated from i-gaming players worldwide, 51% of revenue comes from mobile players. More than half, as you can ascertain. So, as the world is moving forward, people are less willing to spend time setting up a system for playing games. (90s kids would nostalgically disagree). So as the numbers said volumes in two digits, targeting mobile players is a requisite for the i-gaming businesses. 

you might want to create an i-game with 360° gaming development facilities, you can reach out to an iGaming Software Solution Provider. 

Advertising has become an integral part of social media sites. And advertising on social media sites is not a choice but a necessity. Isn't it ironic to advertise a mobile-adaptable game on television, a traditional advertising medium? Come to think of it. Anyway, social media is still your best bet to advertise the mobile version of your game. 

3. Regular updates - Telling them what's new?

An important strategy to keep your players interested and stick to your game is by constantly reminding them that your game exists. Often, a player may get bored by a game and eventually stop playing it. And meanwhile, if you release a new version of your game or launch new rewards and bonuses, the players should at least be aware of them. So, keep the players updated with fresh information about your games and related launches. 

One of the most effective mediums of personally updating players with the latest information on i-gaming is Discord. It is a platform that creates an assemblée of players with whom you can easily share the latest updates on your games and launches. Apart from that, Discord is a top-notch platform for community building that keeps the players engaged outside the gaming arena. 

Read here the benefits of community building on Discord. 

4. Personalized and Customized Offers - The baits 

Who doesn't want to be the center of attraction, the VIP guest, or the apple of someone's eye? Apologies for sounding cliché, but really, we all love to get special treatment, don't we? Well, there! You have another mind-blowing strategy. Make your players feel special and appreciated for investing their time in your game. 

Your players could be rewarded with gifts and offers like personalized items for characters, NFTs, birthday vouchers, and well the list can go on and on. So get creative with what you can offer to your loyal players. Remember, It is important to get new players, but it is pivotal to retain the existing players. 

5. Influencer Marketing and Live streaming - The hot streams 

One of the sure-shot ways of generating more traffic on websites has been influencer marketing lately. People spend more time on social media to get inspiration for clothing, food, gadgets, lifestyle, and whatnot. To provide these inspirations exist social media influencers. Brands and entrepreneurs collaborate with these influencers to advertise their products and services. 

If you are a gamer, you must know that youtube and Twitch have become a hotspot for many popular gamers to stream their gameplay online. They gain millions of views within a month. CRAZY!

The wise words here are - Collaborate with streamers. Live gaming streamers have a direct, genuine, and trustworthy connection with their audience. They are a perfect medium for targeting the right audience, through the right person, and with the right message. 

The Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that grabbing a player's attention in this highly-competitive cut-throat competition world is like getting Beyonce's attention from the nosebleed. However, with extensive research on marketing strategies, enough knowledge of the government norms, and execution of the tips stated above - you can reach your potential players. 

So, take your marketing game up to get the best of the i-gaming world.


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