Top 10 Prominent Features of Automation Anywhere Course.

In the realm of the RPA, the automation anywhere RPA is notable for its functionalities to reduce the time taken to meet the processing. With this tool, the enterprise can create SMART bots to perform tasks in various areas of the business. Robotic Process Automation Courses offer comprehensive knowledge and professional-level skills focused on developing and deploying software robots. It starts with the essential concepts of Robotic Process Automation.

Let’s dig deep through some important functionalities offered by this tool:

1. Task Editor

In automation anywhere, it's possible to generate tasks by dragging and dropping the items from the toolbox. With the help of the task editor, the user can alter, break down and even improve the recorded tasks. The task editor includes 380 plus actions including

  • Keyboard & Mouse actions
  • Windows actions
  • Database actions
  • Conditional Actions
  • Files/Folder Actions
  • Loop actions
  • Internet actions
  • Clipboard actions


2. Workflow Designer

This feature allows the creation of a simple-to-understand, inbuilt graphical representation of the business processes. It's dedicated to automating processes that include multiple tasks into a series together with alternate paths to support when a step fails.

3. Report Designer

With this automation anywhere RPA feature, the user can generate and print reports displaying the execution history of certain tasks. It also allows the creation of custom reports. The AA tool features Task Timeline, Task Run, Workflow Timeline, Visual Logs, and ROI reports.

4. Trigger Manager

This AA feature facilitates to execution of workflows or tasks based on external events sort as a process or service start/stop, a file or folder change, or system performance changes like CPU consumption/disk space.

5. Workload Management

This feature includes prioritized queue management to satisfy the demands of enterprise-class SLA. Workload Management (WLM) allows the manual prioritization of high-value transactions inside the automated queue management model. Fully integrated with BotFarm, the automation anywhere enterprise RPA offers the SLA calculators & RPA-as-a-service functionalities that enable to turn on thousands of bots to meet the automation demand instantly. Thereby this feature ensures better process optimization.

6. Automation Lifecycle Management

Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM) enables an order to the hectic process of building RPA automation in large organizations. It empowers the RPA bots to progress through the whole stages of the software lifecycle as mentioned by the enterprise. ALM includes the most effective practices of software development to ensure successful repeatability. Additionally, this feature comprises a complete version control, version comparison, lock/unlock, rollback, and more.

7. High Availability & Disaster Recovery (HA/DR)

The HA/DR makes disaster recovery a virtual nonissue. While the typical business continuity solution only offers disaster recovery at the server level, the full-fledged HA/DR ensures the recovery through the bot level as well as across multiple locations in the occasion of interruption.

8. Predictive Operational Analytics

With the built-in bot insights, the central room of the version11 features predictive operational analytics. The RPA analytics from the visual dashboards includes actionable insights like bots at risk of failure, bots with the highest return on investment, and far more. Additionally, the analytics and reporting features offer business intelligence about the bot's performance and its influence on the business.

9. Tray Notification with Numeric Indications

In Enterprise 11, the central control room is updated with the tray notification, along with a numeric indication that alerts or warns users about issues to resolve them instantly.

10. Cloud-Ready Architecture

The automation anywhere enterprise RPA can be installed and deployed on both on-premises and cloud provider platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS. This cloud-ready architecture offers infinite scalability and flexibility. It also offers the best range of options to fulfill the highly demanding deployment requirements of large organizations.

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