Who Said Gaming Is Bad?

Even for those of us who absolutely love gaming, it is not guilt-free. It is a general believe that games are a waste of time and it is not a healthy activity, unlike reading or sports. However, we beg to differ a little from this common belief and we would like to present some actual advantages of playing video games.

Enhance Thinking Skills

You have to make quick decisions when you are playing like which option to choose, which door to open, what corridor to choose, and which opponent to finish first. This quick decision making works great for enhancing critical thinking. There is no doubt that these enhanced critical thinking skills help in the real world. It makes you think before you act even in times of emergencies.

Makes You Creative

There is no doubt that creating a video game is an art in itself so, playing them inspires creativity. People may argue that video games are violent and they may create some biased in gamers. In our defense, we would like to highlight the fact they are capable of aspiring as well. They can aspire people to choose themselves before anyone else can take their advantage and they even open career opportunities.

Young minds may find what they love like creating games, doing music, or pursue movie direction. Gaming is not bad, it is the way we use or abuse it. We all know the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

Hand-Eye Coordination Is Improved

It is if not best then surely one the best ways to improve hand-eye coordination. It is simple to guess how it has been done. You are using your eyes to look at the screen and using your hand to combat what you see. It will ultimately improve the relationship between the two.

Makes Children Familiar To Technology

In most the cases video games are the first foray into the digital world for children. We recommend you to use proper guidelines before you expose your kid to gaming.  However, if you introduce them properly to the games it will help them get accustomed to electronics and the digital world. You can even take part in your little one in kids gaming tournaments New Jersey organizes often.

Enhances Reading Skills

This comes as a shock for many we understand because there is seemingly no link between gaming and reading. According to a study conducted in 2013, it was observed that dyslexia children who played action video games showed an increased ability to reading. They were reading clearly and faster than before. [1]

Last Word

Even with all the benefits you need to play video games in moderation and need to regulate it for your children. Not just timing, you have to regulate what games your kids are playing.

There are several educational games available which can be proved beneficial for their mental growth but then, there are also games which can cause reverse effects. As a parent you have to be watchful of the content you kids are being exposed to.

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