Personal Navigation Devices

At present, amateurs of travelling, professional drivers, and families widely use personal navigation devices (PNDs) with the primary purpose to find and establish the shortest and the most suitable route to a final destination. Moreover, some drivers rely on their PNDs almost blindly. In other words, these drivers listen to the itineraries pronounced by a personal navigation device. As a result, personal navigation devices are getting increasingly popular because of a unique possibility to provide a driver with accurate location and time information. Besides, the leaders in PNDs as well as the future of these comfortable devices will be paid attention to.

Personal navigation devices are portable technological innovations, specifically applied in order to run the road navigations. According to the opinions of researchers and technology essay, PNDs are getting redundant because of two major factors: uncommon affordability of smartphones and an increased popularity of In-Vehicle Systems.

Nowadays, the majority of navigation devices involve the function of incorporated voice that does not cause dangerous distractions to the person at the wheel. One more reason for the extraordinary popularity of personal navigation devices includes the simplicity of its usage. For example, every driver has an opportunity to make use of this device without additional training or special skills. Moreover, the price of PNDs is comparatively moderate.

It is extremely important to note that the major competitors of personal navigation devices are INS and GNSS phones. However, a high percentage of professional drivers opt for PNDs because of huge number of beneficial characteristics that include low price, portability, and convenience. Besides, personal navigation devices may be easily upgraded and substituted. Moreover, accurate and prompt data concerning time and location is guaranteed. According to the opinions of drivers, such equipment piece as a PND can be easily mounted in a suitable position that would provide an opportunity to avoid dangerous interferences with activities of the driver. The methods of exploitation, as the drivers assure, are uncomplicated. For example, in order to select the final destination, the user has to set a precise address, to write coordinates, and to indicate the definite location on the map. In addition, the latest models of PNDs have an opportunity to provide destinations in several ways, as the devices support the fastest and the shortest routes algorithms.

Modern society involves a huge number of powerful and productive leaders in the sphere of GPS Navigation. Such companies as WebTech Wireless, TomTom, Magellan, and Garmin have managed to become unambiguous leading companies dealing with personal navigation devices. At present, these powerful companies are considered to be the major players in fields of navigation devices. According to the results of public opinion polls, customers are extremely motivated to buy these technological devices, produced by the leaders in the sphere of PNDs, in order to maintain safety through the knowledge of precise location at all times. Moreover, in the majority of cases, people are ready to overpay with the purpose to buy a product of high quality.

The future of personal navigation devices is difficult to predict. On the one hand, PNDs from such brands as Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan are becoming considerably popular among drivers. However, according to the reports, provided by Berg Insight, the era of personal navigation devices is coming to an end. It should be stated that, at present, the majority of drivers rely on personal GPS-enabled smartphones for navigation. Nowadays, not only iPhone, iPed, and BlackBerry, but the majority of other phones, offer excellent navigation features. As a result, according to the suggestions of scientists, smartphones will probably replace personal navigation devices in the nearest future.

Having analyzed the peculiarities and benefits of personal navigation devices, it is possible to summarize that PNDs provide precise geolocation and enormous numbers of maps that simplify the process of reaching the destination point. In addition, PNDs ensure access to the maps even if network signal is lacking. Despite vast proliferation and popularity of smartphones, the major advantage of having a PND is that a person is not required to use a smartphone to perform multiple functions while driving. On the contrary, if a PND is available, a smartphone may be used for communication and even entertainment.


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