Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Gift Boxes
Advantages and Disadvantages of Cardboard Gift Boxes

When it comes to making the most reliable product packaging that not only protects your product against any kind of damage but also does not cost you much, the cardboard boxes stand at the top of the list and leave every other box behind. These boxes are made of extremely strong and vigorous substances that make these boxes widely consumed by the best and renowned packaging companies from all over the world. Before explaining their advantages and disadvantages, one should know about the basic knowledge about their structure and designs. Their edges are designed with air columns, and these air columns play the role of cushion for the encased products and ensure their security against any kind of destruction that could possibly happen.  Their multi-layer feature helps in keeping the items encased inside protected for long term storage purposes. Their recyclable nature makes them nature-friendly and increases their demand.


Widely consumed:

These boxes are known for their exceptionally wide usability options. Cardboard gift boxes are used all over the world, especially when the purpose is to send gifts for a person living in a long distanced place. It ensures that the product will be protected from any sort of damage, and the gift item will be secured unless it is delivered to the receiver doorstep. Their unique designs and alluring customization makes the sender appreciated. These boxes are widely consumed for household purposes such as for the packaging of utensils that are made of plastic, marble, or glass while shifting from one place to another without the fear of losing or getting your products damaged. Another very vital use of these boxes is the packaging of stationery products that include plastic made scales, pencils, journals, and other minor things that are doubted to be lost while moving from one place to another. Ideally consumed for the packaging of food items too.

Made from reconstruct-able material:

These boxes are made of high-class paper pulp. This paper pulp is recyclable because of its nature friendliness. This feature makes these boxes highly recommended by the consumers. The raw material required for the production of these boxes is quite cheaper and less expensive as compared to raw material required for the manufacturing of other boxes.


These boxes are extremely lightweight, and this alluring feature makes these boxes extremely liked by the consumers because their low weight characteristic makes them easy to move and handle. This characteristic makes these boxes user-friendly and increases their usability as compared to other boxes that could be possibly used to their maximum limit.


There are infinite ways in which these boxes can be customized and designed as per the user demand and requirements. If made for the gifting purposes, you can design your Gift boxes in any size and give them your desired finishing that includes gloss or matte lamination. You can also customize these boxes in your preferred shape and size as per the need and dimensions of your product. From small to huge, square to a hexagon, black to white, every personalization is possible when you are using the high class, long-lasting, and durable corrugated boxes for the packaging of your loved and favorite products. You can print your favorite design or picture at the outer layer of your Printed Gift Boxes and make them most distinctive that they have never seen before.


Not For Heavy Products:

These boxes are not recommended to use for heavier products like fridge, Air conditioner, wooden furniture, or other heavy products due to their less mechanical stresses. These boxes do not support the weight above the suggested limit and result in the destruction of items.

Deformed Under pressure:

These boxes may get deformed if placed under some heavy weighted items. The air columns that are placed at the edges of these boxes do not support the pressure of weight that is beyond their tendency to handle. They get diffused and results as the deformed piece of the cardboard. It is suggested to observe the rules of using the Cardboard boxes before using them to avoid any sort of destruction and lose.

Not waterproof:

These boxes are not ideally consumed for the packaging of liquid substances because of their non-waterproofing nature. Cardboard Gift Boxes are not made of waterproof substances, and their usability in terms of water-related packaging is considered zero. If they get wet during the transportation of products from one place to another, they end up destroying the products that may cause you to lose.

Hard Cutting:

Due to their thick layers, it is very difficult to cut these boxes and obtain the exact angle that you are looking for in the correct form. These boxes have many layers, and it is quite hard to cut every layer exactly of the same size and angles.

Difficult Folding:

Due to their multi-layered feature, it is much harder to create neat folds in these boxes. Their multi-layered construction makes it difficult to mark any kind of curve from the sheet of this material.

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