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The Turkish towel is a bath towel which measures approximately 90cm x 110cm. It is made up of cotton or linen originally. Later it was constructed with a looped pile section in the center, especially in the 18th century.


It was a very important part of Turkish social life and continues to be so. Originally it was meant for ceremonial bath for a bride before her wedding and for important occasions later in life. The Turkish `hamams’ (Turkish Bath) also have an undeniable relationship with these towels. A complete set of towel consists  different size towels for the shoulder, hips, and head. This sophisticated arrangement was made by keeping the special Turkish baths in the mind. 


A pestemal (pesh-te-mul) is a Turkish word for a flat woven fabric which is traditionally used in the hamam as a towel. It is used to cover and dry the body. Pestemals have been the norm in Turkish bathing culture for centuries and now also it continues to do a great job of drying.


There is various Turkish Towel manufacturer company in the market and provide their services online also. These companies provide the best service to its customers. They throw and sell Turkish Towels Wholesale. These wholesale companies have experienced customers, high export rates, and lowest price. They offer the facility of short delivery time. That is why they have great customer satisfaction. They always try to manufacture different pattern of Turkish Towels and improve their services all the time. Some Turkish towel manufacturer manufactures the extra large size of their towels (100cm x 180cm / 39in x 71in) which helps to cover the body as a whole.


Big, bulky, and slow to dry towels are terrible during travel. So, Turkish Beach Towels are perfect in that scenario. They are thin, soft on your skin; cover you up and have high absorbency power. Its size is so large and it is so soft and thin that you can tie it in different style also. It is very comfortable too.


If you want to purchase the Turkish Towel you just need to visit the websites who offer the facility of the same. These websites provide you the service of home delivery & their product cost is also reasonable. Currently, it is in a trend and it is available in different color, shade, size, material and design. These websites also guide you how to drape it in a different style. By using these styles, you will look adorable, smart, modern and a bold personality and you will become eye-catching personality on the beach.

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