How To Get Rid Of Acne?
How To Get Rid Of Acne?

Want the fastest way to get rid of acne?

In order to treat acne, we must first know what actually causes it, so that we can successfully prevent it.

Three factors contribute to the formation of acne:

  • Overproduction of sebum
  • Build up of dead skin cells
  • Bacteria accumulating on the skin

Acne occurs when oil and dead skin cells block your hair follicles. Each follicle is connected to sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum. Sebum is the waxy layer of grease on the surface of your skin. When your body produces an excess amount of sebum and dead cells, the two can accumulate in the hair follicle and solidify causing acne.

I will inform you of techniques that will enable you to never see a single blemish ever again!

How To Prevent Acne

The simplest way to get rid of acne is to prevent any occurring in the first place. Prevention is better than cure. keeping the pores clear by exfoliating regularly is necessary, followed by a product which will help peel away blackheads. Look for medicated products containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Keep your hair away from your face. Greasy hair and skin go together, and hair can spread infection.

Sunshine or ultra-violet light encourages peeling, and so helps to clear blocked pores. So sunbathing or use of sun-beds in moderation can be helpful.

One of the most convenient ways of clearing pimple is to simply pop them.
If blackheads or pimples look ready to pop out, you could try removing them gently by using a blackhead extractor. They are available at most chemists and work by putting pressure around the blackhead helping it to pop.
An alternative method is to just use your fingers. Steam your face first to soften both the blackhead and the material blocking the pores. Then wrap the fingers in tissues and gently roll against either side of the blackhead. Only pop blemishes that look ready to come out, otherwise you can spread the infection and cause the area to be even more painful. Finish by applying a medicated cream to the empty pore.

A useful tactic for getting rid of them fast is to use a needle to pop it and putting on antiseptic cream such as sudocream over night.

The 20 Best Anti-Itch and Anti-Inflammatory Creams

What Triggers An Outbreak of Acne?

There's no scientific basis to the idea that diet or particular foods make acne worse (for example, chocolate, fatty or fried foods), although some people have allergies to certain types of food which can aggravate acne.

The triggers are mainly hormonal reasons which is why we mainly get acne during puberty. Stress is known to aggravate the skin because it increases levels of certain hormones.

Common triggers for acne include:

  • Exams, new relationships and other forms of stress
  • The time just before a period starts
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain cosmetics and medicines

To reduce stress you should exercise 3 times a week (also sweat clears your pores) and ensure you take part in an activity that relives stress and makes you happy, such as watching TV, listening to music or socialising.

Soap: An Enemy Against Acne

Contrary to popular belief, soaps can actually make acne worse. Soaps cleanse the skin, but leave an awful lot of residue due to the lather - this aggravates pimples due to the harsh chemicals and blocks the pores. (You can still use soap for the rest of your body)

I would recommend either using a facewash especially designed for acne prone skin or a soap that contains no unnatural chemicals.
Replacing soaps with face washes can dramatically improve your skin condition and improve your chances of getting rid of acne fast.
Read below for ways to get rid of your acne!

Treatments To Get Rid Of Acne Fast

There are two different types of cosmetic products for treating acne:
1) Preventing acne from forming
2) Minimising the appearance of existing acne

Cleansers, lotions and gels work by ensuring the skin is clean, which minimizes the chance of blocked pores by removing sebum and reduces the risk of infection by bacteria.
The only problem with these treatments are that they can leave residue and worsen the problem by actually blocking the pores themselves.
I recommend either using them in the shower or using one that requires cotton pads.

Scrubs work by unblocking pores and removing dead skin cells by exfoliation which can also help the skin become clearer. A disadvantage of scrubs is that they can damage the skin which is another cause of pimples and blemishes.

I recommend using a 'daily' scrub two or three times a week and use a special face wash for blemish prone skin every day, but ensure you COMPLETELY wash all of the residue off! Wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep, but only use a face wash once a day.

I will list all of the acne products that i recommend below - i hope they help.

The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Acne

Do you wan to permanently cure your acne? Would you like the secret to 100% clear skin that you deserve?

Cosmetic products are useful for helping your blemishes, but unfortunately they aren't a permanent solution as they won't eradicate your acne and sometimes they aren't successful. If you have tried 'acne clearing products' before and achieved no results, then I know a secret that will completely erardicate your acne very quickly.

Many historians agree that before the 1900's there have been no records of skin conditions such as acne. This means that acne is due to our modern lifestyle and by modifying certain aspects of it you will never see another blemish again!

After researching natural acne solutions I have developed a clinically researched system that is backed by 30,000+ hours of nutritional expertise for eliminating acne for good. The scientifically proven methods in this manual have even managed to help people with severe acne - it has a very high success rate with thousands of people praising the guide, especially with the effectiveness of the natural treatment.
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