Top 10 Books for Teenagers
Top 10 Books for Teenagers

When people grow, they would need to read books and learn from the books. This is the most effective way for them to grow.

There are different types of books that teenagers can read in order to grow. Instead of indulging in some comics, they should read some books like the ones listed below.

The Demon's Lexicon

First of all, they can choose to read "The Demon's Lexicon". This is the book written by Sarah Rees Brennan. This book talks about two brothers and their mothers. The boys live in London and they would have to find their way by themselves.

The Orange Houses

Secondly, teenagers can read "The Orange Houses". A hearing-impaired teenager called Mika is the main character of this book. She joined together with two of her neighbors and tried to help the disabled veteran to get the community involved in the issue.

The Great Wide Sea

"The Great Wide Sea" is another good book that teenagers can read. This book talks about how a father and his two sons lived after the death of the mother. They father used a boat to take the boys to a trip and the boys later discovered that their fathers was missed.

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Catherine Jinks, another good writer for teenager books, writes "The Reformed Vampire Support Group". She writes about the young vampire called Nina. Nina had to try her best to prove that all the other vampires are the 'losers'. In her free time, Catherine Jinks helps students with writing academic papers.

Alligator Bayou

If you want to know more about the life of American immigration, you can read the book called "Alligator Bayou". This is a very comprehensive book which can describe the life of people who are new to America.

Stitches: A Memoir

"Stitches: A Memoir" is about a boy who is 14-year-old. The boy went to take a surgery but after that he became mute. After that he could not find his way to live happily in this world until he ran away and became artist two years later.

When you reach me

"When you reach me" is a book which is suitable for people who love pursuing friendship. There would be different learning that people can get from this book.

Marcelo in the Real World

"Marcelo in the Real World" would be one of the greatest books that teenagers should week. It talks about the way that a shy boy grows and become a young successful man in the world.

Lips Touch: Three Times

"Lips Touch: Three Times" is a very interesting book. It talks about three separate people who have different personalities, backgrounds and interests. But they would join together somewhere in the story and form a very interesting plot.

Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamstown and Colonial Maryland

Last but not least, the book "Written in Bone: Buried Lives of Jamstown and Colonial Maryland" is a good one for people to have self-reflection. There are different illustrations given by the book and people can understand more about that.

The more teen reads the more knowledge and information they pick the wiser they become, when teen reads more, they understand more, they understand reality more properly which eventually help them for their success journey, Reading make teen understand that they aren’t only dealing with problems, everyone struggles, struggle or problems doesn’t mean to quit and to get indulge in bad habits, but it means to fight with it and show the world and to yourself that you are stronger than you think, Reading gives positivity, makes teen understand the importance and power of positivity and power of positive attitude, Reading books builds teen character, It shows the right path, it gives a solution for almost every problem, it makes teen confident, knowledgeable and wise.


To conclude, there are numerous books that can help people learn and grow. If you think that it is hard for you to read all the books in the book store, you can choose to read some which are recommended by the others. The ones listed above are very suitable for you to read.

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